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    You walked up the steps of your building, fully prepared to get this miserable day over with. The A/C at your office was out all day, and you had basically been made to sit in a pool of your own sweat all day. Even your tight laced boss didn't mind you taking your suit jacket off, but was quick to correct you when you loosened your tie, and your top 3 buttons. You sighed as you finally reached your floor. Having worked up an even greater sweat on your way up.

    As desperate as you are to get in the shower and then your bed, you know you won't be able to. Your roommate has undoubtedly left the apartment an absolute disaster. Upon opening the door you can see you were right.

    The kitchen sink is full of dishes, his sweaty gym clothes are all over the living room, and the place reeks of testosterone and musk. An almost everyday occurence. You sigh and get to work.

    As insufferable as all this is, you don't dare challenge your roommate. Not after what happened the first, and if you can help it, last time.

    It was months ago, but you still remember the moment vividly. You complained to the tall, dark haired alpha about how messy he was, and that the apartment always stunk like him. His solution to the problem was to "get you used to it." In this case, that meant him shoving his damp gym socks in your mouth, and tying his even sweatier, ranker jockstrap to your face. After which, he pushed you down and sat his muscular ass on your back while he wedgied your undies so far up your crack that you could almost taste them over the sweaty socks in your mouth. He spanked you ass for a good 30 mins, never letting go of your taut undies and and making sure they were slicing your crack and crushing you balls. Once your ass had turned cherry red, your sadistic roommate stretched your undies up until they hooked onto your chin, leaving you like that as he went back to his room.

    Everyday since has been some small torment so that you "remember who runs shit." You've lost count of the number of times he's used your face as a foot rest after the gym, and the number of times you've been swirlied, and subsequently left to "air dry" by the back or front of your undies on the nearest door hook. You can't, however, forget the number of times he's shoved his sweaty socks and jockstrap in your mouth, or the number of times he's shoved your own sweat soaked underwear in your maw after a particularly vicious wedgie session.

    You recall how just today before work you were woken up 3 hours early by your roommate ripping the covers off of you and shoving your face into his pit, ripe with early morning sweat. The smell was powerful and made you lightheaded, and the smell coming from his sweaty ass, sack, and feet were no better from what you could tell once you'd finally been let go.

    Snapping back to the present you sighed as you got to work on the dishes. The water running and the smell of soap cancelled out the soft steps of your roommate sneaking up behind you, rank jockstrap in one hand, and the other aimed at your sweaty underwear, primed to pull.


    I knooooow it's been a good while , but please enjoy this wedgie story I cooked up😊


    You laid in bed, tired from your work week. You were thankful your roommate had allowed you to sleep in on your off day. You smiled a little, glad for once you hadn't woken up to some damp part of his body smothering you, or your own underwear slicing you in half.

    You slowly rose, beginning to worry about what he might have planned for you. You slowly crept from your room. He surprisingly wasn't waiting outside to rip your undies off. You inched towards his room. The smell was thick even with the door closed. You hoped he wasn't in there. The last time you went near his room and he caught you, you spent the entire day face down in a pile of unwashed gym clothes with your briefs tied up tight enough to his bed post you couldn't move. It took a week for you to stop smelling it. You slowly creaked the door open, and found his room messy, but empty.

    You crept up to the common area. Beer bottles and plates were all over the kitchen and living area, signs of the party he had with his bros after you went to bed, but his rank gym bag wasn't in the floor by the door. You sighed, relieved. You might actually get some much needed relief. You quickly went back to bed eager to recover from your job and your roommate.

    You were woken up a few hours later, rather violently, by your roommate yanking your briefs harshly up your crack. His musk was overpowering even as he shoved your head down while he abused your ass. "Thought you finally learned your place, and I could go easy on ya. But you didn't have the apartment clean for me, like you're 'sposed to. Guess you need a few more months to learn," he sneered.

    He roughly dragged you out of bed by your undies, making sure your bare ass was dragged across the carpet and hardwood. His first stop was the communal bathroom. He tossed you into the shower, and turned the cold water on exclusively. You gasped at the intense chill, shocking you fully awake. He then grabbed you by the neck, yanked you out of the shower, only to shove your head into the toilet. He held you there and roughly pulled your briefs up to your shoulder blades, making you gasp and let out air. You struggled against him until he finally let you go, pulling yourself out, toilet water splashing all over you.

    But of course he wasn't done. He grabbed the front of your briefs pulling up with a great deal of force, making your underwear burn your taint as it slid. He then hung you up on the door hook, your feet several inches from the ground, and your balls crushed. "Hang out for a bit and dry off, you faggot cunt. We'll continue this in a few. I'll turn the heat up to help you out." It was easily 80° outside already. You shuddered at the thought


    An hour or so had passed you thought. Your balls and legs were numb, and while the water from your shower and swirly were dry, your underwear was saturated in ball and ass sweat. You could smell every inch of yourself hanging up on that hook. Your roommate had turned up the heat so high you thought you were gonna die of heat stroke in the tiny bathroom.

    Your roommate finally came back for you and laughed at how sweaty you were, he himself was even more saturated than you. "Time for you to really get to work you punk bitch. This whole apartment is gonna be spotless by the time you're done. And you're gonna start with me."

    Your eyes widened as he pulled you off the hook, and held you aloft by the front of your undies. He walked you slowly to the living room. Emphasizing each step he took with a vicious bounce. Each bringing a tear to your eye. He tossed you on the floor in front of the couch. He set himself down, and then planted his huge feet on your face. He rubbed them up and down, letting his sweat cover you. Then using his toes, he pryed open your mouth and shoved his foot in. You gagged at the intrusion. "If you don't start licking every inch of my sweaty musky foot, I'm gonna ring the sweat outta my socks and make you drink it." That spurred you into action. You started licking at the massive foot gagging you as best you could, while he periodically brought his foot in and out of your mouth, gagging you when he'd shove it back in.

    This continued on for ages, until your roommate's feet were no longer sweaty, but covered in your spit, at least until he rubbed them over your face and body to dry them off. But you were far from done. You were roughly grabbed by your neck and shoved straight into one of your roommates damp, hairy pits. When he's said "clean him up" he meant it. You tried to pull away, but it was no use. You put your tongue to work. The only relief you got was when he would let you out for some clean air and a huge glob of spit in your mouth or face. Then you'd be put right back in.

    Once you'd finally been freed from his pits, now clean and sweat free, he stood. You assumed this meant your freedom. Then he pulled his sweatpants down, turning his massive, hairy crack toward you. The stink was unbearable. Something only the profuse sweating of an Alpha could produce. You instinctively backed away, but his hands had you buried deep in no time. And then he sat back down, trapping you in his rank ass, with no way to get fresh air. You knew what he wanted but couldn't bring yourself to tongue his hole and crack. At least unti you were "encouraged" by a ball breaking melvin, and nipple tearing tiddy twister.

    You reluctantly stuck your tongue out and started cleaning your roommate's salty and musk ass. The taste and smell were so intense. And you weren't given a single moment of fresh air. Whenever you started slacking to give yourself a moment, your undies would bejerked up viciously, spurring you back to action.

    When you had finally been let up, you gasped in as much air as possible, like a drowning man coming to the surface. Your tormentor just cocked a sadistic smile. He rubbed his sweaty, wet crotch and then slapped you hard across the face. Your attention came back to him immediately. You'd really never realized just how massive his bulge was til it was looming over you. The overpowering crotch musk was as intense as his ass, but in a different way. You felt incredibly light headed. But still present enough to widen your eyes when he began to pull his jockstrap down. His cock was soft but still long and fat, with a thick musky bush at it's base. His balls were huge and hung low once they were finally free of their prison.

    "Don't worry fag. You'd never get a whiff of these perfect balls, or have this cock shoved in any useless hole of yours." Next thing you know you were blinded by his damp jock, the straps used to secure it tightly to your face. Your undies were finally pulled straight up your raw crack. They were pulled, stretched, and sawed until your roomie could finally hook them over your chin, bending you back in the painful atomic wedgie. A powerful swat was given to each of your cheeks. "As soon as you get outta that fag, I expect this apartment clean. Once it's spotless, we'll discuss the rest of your punishment. Hurry up. If i work up another sweat before then, you won't be getting your chores done anytime soon."


    Hey everybody. Hope you enjoy the couple new stories I posted today. This one in particular was a continuation requested by @malewedgiestories. Hope you enjoy it bud.