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    Females Welcomed


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    I accept all the above


    White people always need a reminder they act disrespectfully


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    this added 10 years to my life


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    Worth the wait. Is it weird I heard their accents without the sound?


    Boooyy I was bout ready to fight I’m glad something happened





    Remember the last time the FCC nearly killed net neutrality?

    Tumblr had this nice big banner at the top of your dashboard alerting any active user about the problem. Guess what has changed since then? Verizon, one of the companies gunning for the death of net neutrality owns yahoo who in turn own Tumblr. Spread the word, tell everyone you can: battleforthenet.com tag posts you see about net neutrality with popular tags so the news spreads.


    That lady is Anna Faris She is a feeder! Yes an FFA looks like that! So to all you fat guys out there who think “she is out of my league” remember Anna Faris!



    Holy crap! 141 notes! Thanks for rebloging and discussing this! Keep it going! Yay feeders and feedies!


    UPDATE: They are now devorced, but only after years of Cris being “Qill cut”. Her new BF is thin. So I don’t know.


    I love this. This is D/s to Me. He can hold her with a firm grip in a chain, be the dominant force in the relationship, but it is attached to a simple ribbon, tied lightly to her wrist. At any time, she can pull the knot and be released. If he pulls too tightly it may come undone. If she wishes freedom it is there within reach. It is only because she wishes to stay, and because he respects her enough to be gentle with his dominance, that the chain even matters at all.


    This is the most beautiful post I’ve ever seen on tumblr.


    I’m in love with this post. Such a powerful way to put this.


    This is Everything I want


    I'm a fat girl that actually find fat guys attractive!!! It pains me that I'd never see pics of fat guy on fat girl sex on your post!!! Do you really like fat girls too?? Are you just lying to us to make us feel better about ourselves!!! Most fat guys I came across only like skinny girls!!!

    I have a few fat girls fucking fat guys on here. It depends on both parties in question. A fat guy can love skinny girls only, or any sized girl. I love many sizes! I’m sure if I saw you naked, I would likely want to fuck you. Not because your fat or skinny, but because you want to fuck me! That’s my thing. Every one has their own thing and what they choose to share. On here it’s the rare fat guy skinny girl combo. But IRL it’s any and all sizes'

    To the anon who

    Sent me the pic of her “nasty tittys” those are fucking lovely! Your fucking lovely! Thank you for sharing your hotness with me. I wish more followers would send me pics! I did not post your pic because I don’t post with out permission. But sweet stuff, you are cute not nasty at all. Any and all nastiness can be determined by what you do with that body, and since I’m a bit of a freak, I would most likely love it.

    Thank you!