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    “Now, if I were in charge, we’d do this the old-fashioned way, and I’d take a more hands-on approach. But the people upstairs want to test their new gadgets. Let me show you how it works.”




    “See? That’s what not talking feels like. So every time I ask a polite question like, say, ‘What are the identities of all the double agents in this city?’ and you say something like–”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Right, exactly.”




    “Or, just for the sake of argument, I might ask, “Say, what’s the location of the dead-drop you and your handler used?’ And you’d say…”

    “I don’t know anything.”

    “Well, you could say that, but then you get this.”



    “STOP IT!”

    “Eventually, if I’m feeling ambitious, I might ask, ‘What are the names and locations of other agents such as your self who might want to take a spin in my chair?’ You can answer a simple question like that, right? Or do you want to know what it feels like when I hold the button down?”


    “No to which question?”


    “Have to choose one, my friend.”



    “No! No no no nonononono nOOOOOOOOOOOO…”

    “Oh, this has to be so humiliating for you. So bad at espionage that not only have you gotten yourself captured, not only are you about to spill everything you know, but when we’ve gotten everything useful from you, we’ll send you back, and you’ll have to explain to your superiors that all their secrets are ours now because I tickled you just a little bit.”



    “You know how to make it stop. I’m ready when you are.”