Dark Little Lies

    @ravenfan1242 and @chromium7sky - YOU BOTH ARE WONDERFUL AND I LOVE YOU. It’s not much, but please let me gift you with some Adult Nonsense, courtesy of “Damian al Ghul as Red X” AU that is consuming my life right now. I don’t deserve you in my life, but I’m glad you’re here. 

    - - - - -

    “Tayir saghir…”

    The words rumbled in her ear, rough and distorted from the voice modifier on his mask. Raven felt a shiver tremble through her body as she felt him move in the shadows around her. He stayed just outside of her peripherals, as if he knew exactly where she was looking and what she was thinking. In spite of the weight of the uniform he wore, his steps were light and silent on the dirty floor of the old warehouse cellar. It told her that not only was he trained well, he was a master at whatever his skills were. 

    This Red X was not to be trifled with. 

    Okumaya devam et

    Blankets made of Trust

    “You have one night to decide”.​​
    ​​Jason felt the words thrum through the air on loop before slamming into him, nearly knocking him over as he clenched his teeth until the words in his mind became an indecipherable ringing in his ears. ​​You’ve got to be kidding me. One Night to decide whether I want to become a zombie or an attack dog?! He thought furiously. He wrenched his head up and caught the warning stare of the Bat through the bulletproof glass - Who called him again, Jason thought scathingly - who raised an eyebrow. Careful, he seemed to be saying. Don’t talk, or I’ll take away all your options. Options? That was a fucking joke. There was no other option! The Lazarus pit’s madness had been growing more overwhelming by the hour, and if he went without some kind of spell he would become a mad serial killer. At the same time, what they were proposing was out of the question. Jason scoffed and turned to stare out between the thin bars of his cell. It was a damn miracle the idiots hadn’t been broken into already, most of their walls being made of glass, he thought sourly. It’s not like they leave a guard behind when they fight. ​​

    ​​“Red Hood. Did you hear that?”​​

    Jason snapped his head back and levelled his most threatening glare at Nightwing. The idiot puffed his chest out and gazed at him like he thought he was actually intimidating.

    Okumaya devam et

    I smooshed these prompts together. I hope it is okay. I’m such a sucker for hot and heavy nonsense that leads to tender moments

    - - -

    Even the blissfully bitter sounds of Rob Zombie couldn’t break this mood. 

    Jason yanked the scull mask off his head, suddenly feeling like he was suffocating underneath it. He slammed his fist into the brick wall behind him, glaring into the darkness. A delightful sensation of pain splintered up the length of his arm, and for three whole seconds he managed to do nothing but focus on the pain. For three whole seconds, he could forget about what happened, but then the pain ebbed and it all came crashing back to the forefront of his mind. 

    A mark gone disastrously bad. He’d nearly gotten himself killed, and worse, Bruce now knew he was alive. Fuck. 

    Okumaya devam et


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    “More sauvignon blanc, Miss?”

    A bottle of wine was withdrawn from the metal ice bucket, lifted by their waiter’s practiced hands. Beads of ice cold perspiration were congealing, beginning to travel downward as Raven swallowed another gulp of air. Though it was slight, her grasp began to shake around her cutlery. She had done her very besnot to look at the bottle during the duration of the meal.

    Now it was practically in her face,sweating.

    Her breath hitched in her throat, as she watched the condensation continuing a steady drip.

    It was quite possiblymocking her.

    The moment seemed to stretch on before veering into uncomfortable, until both gentlemen glanced down at her untouched white.

    “Malbec, sir?”


    The waiter gently replaced the white before disturbing the red. He swept around the table to refill another glass for Damian, who murmured a polite thanks.

    Damian fingered the long, thin stemmed wine glass and turned it towards himself in circles. Several rotations were completed to air out the liquor. He guided the blackened magenta beverage to his lips and sipped thoughtfully.


    Okumaya devam et