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    A good reminder for the rich bastards who want to pay huge amounts of money to go into space for pointless reasons when our priorities is here at home with climate crisis.


    I myself have been wondering how many children did not go hungry because of those flights to space, and how many houseless people were sheltered by those flights into space, and how many degrees cooler the earth has become because of those flights into space.  Just wondering... 




    When this stops being true THEN I’ll stop reblogging this.


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    It is worse than anyone thinks now, and there are MORE reasons why it is NOT the greatest country in the world.
    This guy (Jeff Daniels character) went easy on that audience, compared to the things he could’ve cited.
    The US has the MOST impact on the carbonized atmosphere in the World.
    The US pushes Fossil Fuels, even though there are alternatives that would begin to fix the horrible atmosphere we now have.
    Then there’s the alternatives that scientists refuse to touch, let alone develop, that could change the entire Earth in a single generation.
    We’re taking baby steps when we should be walking 100 miles a day (figuratively speaking)!!
    We’ve let the egregious greed of Corporate wealthy investors (aka Wall Street) and corporate controlled Global Central Banks, dominate the financial system using a method known as “Fractional Banking”.
    Read all about that in the document known as “Modern Money Mechanics”.
    For example, The Federal Reserve is a private corporate banking institution.
    It loans $Billions to the US Treasury in exchange for government created “Treasury Bonds” that are technically based on an economy that varies daily…which is no basis at all.
    That makes those Treasury Bonds WORTHLESS as the paper and the US Seal that it’s printed on.
    But, the Federal Reserve ALSO controls the US Currency and its issuance.
    Basically, the Federal Reserve can create money out of thin air, and then have the Treasury Dept authorize the printing of those $Billions, instantly.
    So, say that whole process above takes place and the US Treasury received $10 Billion in new money that gets deposited in the bank (electronically). The “Modern Money Mechanics doc only requires 10% (or $1 Billion) of that money to be “Reserved” .
    The remaining $9 Billion is available for loans.
    But it even gets better (worse)…
    If someone borrows/withdraws that $9B and then deposits it in the bank, it is ADDED to the original deposit of $10B making the total deposit $19B!!
    That’s how money is created out of thin air.
    It’s more sinister than my explanation; but rest assured that original $10B multiplies itself over & over many times…which is Inflation upon already inflated US Currency.
    Also the value of the Dollar goes down because the amount of inflated money cannot equal the actual Goods & Services that EXCHANGE money.
    Anyway, there are a 100 more reasons, especially regarding the US Weapons and War Machines that the Pentagon controls and uses to “spread democracy & freedom” to countries that DID NOT ASK FOR THE USA’s INTERFERENCE in the first place.
    That’s known as Imperialism and t
    he USA has been in THAT business for 70+ years.
    There’s MORE reasons why US
    America is NOT the Greatest Country in The World.
    But why not check out this video from Peter Joseph:
    Pick this up from the
    3:56 mark if you want the “Modern Money Mechanics” part:


    Anyone who has traveled the world and lived with other peoples knows that this is very factual and is the truth.....



    Here’s the whole video. It’s called “Don’t Be A Sucker” and it’s 17 minutes long.


    don’t just scroll past this actually watch it, it’s only 2 minutes long. If you re-recorded this today word for word with modern actors and places, it wouldn’t even look out of place as a PSA


    Everyone needs to watch this.