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    Muting hides content from your view of the Archive. Blocking stops another user from interacting with you. This muting functionality is a really exciting update following on from the announcement of comment blocking back in June of last year.

    Many thanks to the volunteers on AD&T who coded these changes and to the volunteers who tested and reviewed the code as well. I’m so thankful for all of your hard work ❤️


    i don’t know how to tell people that deriving pleasure - sexual pleasure included! - from art* is good actually, and that creating specific kind of art “just” because you find it hot or whatever is just as good a reason as any, and you don’t actually need some “deep and meaningful” reason to create art about things. pleasure - sexual pleasure included - is not the devil, it is not Bad and shameful, and it’s not any less valid of a reason to create something than because you want to, idk, explore the depths of the human consciousness or something

    * art here includes writing


    i’m glad this post resonated with people because i lost a years-long mutual over it when i made it lmao


    Personally I agree. However the Supreme Court’s definition of “Obscenity” is essentially art that creates arousal.


    i don’t know how to tell people that north america is not the only country that exists and that their laws - especially their obscenity laws - are not the objective pinnacle of what is and isn’t right


    I wish more fanartists would put their work on AO3. Just followed an artist who organizes their work by making a series for Fandom X, and within that, they have multi-chapter works for different ships & gen. Every new chapter is just their latest image for that subject.

    It's been so delightful not to have to wade through social media algorithms and endless ads.


    If you've never posted fanart on AO3 before, you need to know that AO3 doesn't host images. That means you need to upload them somewhere else online and then embed them in your post. There's an FAQ that tells you how.