I was going over my most liked/reblogged pictures of the year.

    Interestingly, my most popular picture this year and of all time was one of a random background character from Star vs the Forces of Evil named Becky wearing a shitty diaper. I was curious as to what made that picture so popular. Is it because she’s crying? Embarrassed?  Scantly dressed with tits? Was messy but with no visible indicator of it other than a green stink line protruding from her backside?

    The next two most popular after that were both versions of the Paulina diaper picture (jeans over diaper, and full view shit-loaded diaper, standing in the middle of a fast food restaurant). I’ve gotten lots of requests for ABDL Danny Phantom artwork, but I’ve never been too motivated to draw much of it even though I’m a fan of Butch Hartman’s works. I’ll probably revisit it in the future still. Right after those is the older Tootie picture with a massive ass/shitty diaper combo. If Hartman ever does another FOP in 10 years video, the comments in his last one suggest Tootie might be up next, if so you can bet I’ll revisit her, I just hope he does a better job than the lackluster designs he gave Vicky in his last video.

    The other top pictures of mostly random characters I’ve done this year: Giffany, Zatanna, a mild Trixie and Veronica age regression picture, Ms. Butterbean, Edna Strickland, some random senorita from Foster’s Home for Watching for Frankie and Nothing Else (and of course Frankie too).

    My favorite pictures of this year? Edna Strickland and Giffany required the most effort, the former being I was transforming a 3D game character into a 2D drawing and its probably the closest example you can find of me having my own ‘style’, the latter just had a lot of shading and other things plus I was using a different brush to make it look more ‘pixally’‘. I also loved the stylizing of the Suzy Q picture, and the age regression of Tamako Nobi was a good one as well.

    Pictures I wish I could revisit? Well, probably most of them especially those done in the earlier parts of the year, but ones I shit the bed with were the Bulla Briefs picture, which I had actually an earlier version which got corrupted and had to be completely redone, and the Eris picture mainly what’s around her because it looks like she shit out a pile of bones.

    Well that’s the yearly review of the blog. I’ll give you all a gift for the holidays: This Trixie Tang picture above is part of a comic sequence I made after Halloween that was so fucking cringey even I was too embarrassed to post it even on diaperedanime, but this particular panel is probably the …. least offensive…

    I also have two more pictures I might have done before the holidays. One is of Luan Loud which has been crippled by art block (I’ve had the lineart for this done before I did any of those three Rita Loud pics I’ve posted recently), and an ongoing Gravity Falls picture which will probably be finished soon on simple virtue that I don’t have the skillset to even attempt to recreate Gravity Falls style backgrounds.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all!