The power of a woman


    This is how easy a woman can control a man.

    For many years women have been taught to be gentle and nice, to obey their men. But "the times are a changing", if a man is not respectful, loving and obedient to his lady, she will take control, her way.


    Her Ultimate Authority

    Public displays of obedience. Men under control will commonly drop to their knees to kiss the thigh of their ladies as a mark of respect and to acknowledge her ultimate authority. Other women will smile at his obedience, knowing that another female led union is flourishing


    Beautiful FLR.




    Yes it is, but I’m also prone to disobedience on occasion. That’s why I need consistent discipline and swift firm punishment for my sin to help keep me in line and obedient. Not to mention the chastity and denial which helps keep me submissive and obedient.