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Happily married couple exploring our fantasies. I’m his hotwife... I like to play with big cocked hot men! He loves to watch me! I also want to see a sexy woman all over him. We have so many fantasies and intend to live out every one of them! Do you want to help? Send us a message!

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2018-12-04 13:55:17

    The Unfortunate Real Side of the Hotwife Lifestyle!

    Last night I was meeting with someone that I had been chatting with for awhile. The talk was dirty and exciting and the exchanged pictures were hot. The normal video chat didn’t take place with this guy, but based on everything else I was excited about getting my hands on him.

    After spending a good part of the last couple days chatting and coming home from work and getting myself ready. Hubby and I got in the car and headed to our predetermined meeting place. I was set to meet this man alone, but hubby was taking me and staying close by. We are always cautious when meeting someone new.

    As we got closer excitement was building and hubby and I couldn’t keep put hands off each other. I was communicating with this man and started asking questions like: are you there yet? What are you wearing? How should I find you?

    I wasn’t receiving answers to my questions, only more questions to me.... like: Are you coming alone? Where is your husband? This caused my very protective hubby to become a bit concerned. He told me to ask this man for a very specific picture ( just a selfie with a certain hand and a number of fingers held up). I explained that I just wanted to know I was meeting with the person I was talking with... then it happened. Bam... he was gone. No response returned. Number blocked, profile deleted and then disappeared!

    As much as we love this lifestyle and the fun we have had.... you just can’t be careful enough.

    Sorry for the disappointing follow up to last nights post, but we wanted to share our experience. My hubby is an alpha ex-military former cage fighter that will always take care of me.... but these situations still suck and make this hard. And sometimes very disappointing.

    Have fun and be safe fellow Hotwives.💋

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