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    Dear girls, be intensely wary of men considerably older than you obsessed with “mentoring” you. They’re most likely trying to groom you. Speaking from experience.

    I want to make it clear I’m not just speaking to underage/teen girls. Any younger girl, and this can happen to not that young women as well.

    Just because the guy isn’t technically a pedophile, doesn’t make him any less predatory. When you’re in your 20s you may not be a kid anymore, but you’re not fully developed as an adult either. You’re still vulnerable to predators who have the advantage of more experience and thus tools you don’t yet have, in addition to the other advantage of power imbalance due to gendered relations.

    A man who wants to be your mentor, especially if he says he wants to “shape” you or anything similar, is a man who’s trying to turn you into his puppet, to make you “develop” (be molded) into the girl/woman that serves his pleasure, even if not directly sexual.

    There’s predators who get off on the intellectual performance of the younger female objects of their obsessions. There’s predators who get off on your social development fitting their not-necessarily sexual fantasies. There’s predators who get off on the idea of taking a depressed girl and becoming her “savior”.

    There’s people who get off to feet and fucking statues, you best believe there’s predators who get immense satisfaction from mental games against vulnerable girls/women even if they’re not (directly) sexual. And even if those things aren’t sexual at all to you, it will fuck you up. Because you’ll know or feel that you’re being used against your will, that you’re not being treated as a human, you’ll feel trapped, you’ll feel controlled, you’ll feel hopeless and disgusted with what he’s turning you into.

    It’s about control, it’s about possession, it’s about ownership of who you are, it’s about having the perfect doll to play with.

    It’s about you becoming mentally, emotionally, intellectually, socially dependent on them. It’s about a boost of their egos.

    Regardless of your age, but especially if you’re considerably younger than him, and you see signs of him being fixated on this, RUN AS SOON AS YOU CAN.

    Can people reblog this version? Because I’m tired of people who supposedly care about abuse victims dropping any concern and compassion for female victims of grooming as soon as a girl turns 18 like she wasn’t a literal kid five minutes ago.

    daybreak96 asked :Soo, which Seb characters dyou thinkhave a hair-pulling kink (giving/receiving) ?? Curious minds need to know!! asked :




    This is a hard one, something tells me that they all do, but here’s my breakdown on the top six:

    1. Our boy Bucky does not have his long luxurious hair for nothing!! I’m willing to bet my life that Bucky absolutely loves when you tug on his hair while he’s nailing you into the bed… but also… can you imagine that metal arm and fingers all tangled up in your hair as he holds you close as you’re making out???

    2. YOU GUESSED IT! Lance Tucker the Fuckerrr. You cannot tell me this dude does not love controlling your face with a hand in your hair as you’re blowing him/he’s face fucking you. For some reason, I feel like he’s more on the giving than the receiving end cuz he looks like he spends a lot of time styling his hair and even during sex, no one is allowed to mess with his locks

    3. Jefferson? this one is for @angryschnauzer. But also cuz Jefferson also has this nice unruly hair that always kinda looks like he just got out of bed/just finished a round of crazy sex. But yea, I bet Jefferson is the type to really enjoy getting his head pulled back as you’re riding him. Like you’re on top and he’s got his face just buried in your neck and the thing that pushes him over is when you yank his head back by his hair to kiss him as you both finish.

    4. I’m gonna throw Chris Beck into this list because even though the boy is pretty vanilla (or at least seems that way) he likes a touch of kink in there every once in a while. I imagine things are very standard with him in the bedroom for a while and one time, on a whim, in a moment of passion, you reach up to tug his hair a bit and he just lets out the most delicious moan. And that, my friends, is how you learn he has a hair pulling kink.

     5. Ok, gonna throw in some Chase Collins into this list cuz ya KNOW that wiotchy warlock is into getting the shit pulled out of his hair as you’re having sex hovering in midair. I bet he’s a kinky motherfucker and hair pulling is just the tip of the iceburg in terms of what this dude is into.

    6. Just wanted to give Leo some love because he may be a mess and probably isn’t that great in bed BUT I bet he’s into getting his hair pulled too. Because as much as he likes to act like a sleezy alpha who gets all the ladies, I bet he’s actually a sub who wants to get tied up and dominated in bed by a lady who knows what she wants and takes what she needs.

    ANNNNDDD that’s all for me folks.

    @buckmesideways22 since you enjoyed the last one, here’s another!

    YASSSS thank u for this

    Glad to give the people what they want!


    600 Celebration Prompt: Person A believing Person B is asleep, so they talk to Person B’s belly quietly. (a.k.a. Bucky is a super cute dad-to-be)

    Somehow 600 of you decided my weirdness is fun to follow so I’m writing a series with six installments to commemorate this milestone, cuz why not? Thank you for following and being part of this community with me. I really do enjoy being on here and being insane with each and every one of you.

    Word Count: 804

    Warnings: None, just a bunch of dad!bucky being a sentimental goof ball. 

    A/N: Really trying out some writing and stuff. Feedback is always appreciated. Also, I just love imagining Bucky as a dad so… hence this drabble thing.

    These moments are sacred.

    Bucky refuses to use any of Tony’s fancy gadgets to document any of it, not because he feels they aren’t important, but because the spell, the magic, would be broken if he were to overly concern himself with holding onto every detail for forever. He’s learning to live for the now, and sometimes that means allowing the only proof of a moment to be his memory, which he’s learned to trust again.

    They’re meant to be sacred.

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    Summary: You meet Bucky at a college party. As you get to know him, he seems like the perfect guy. But when girls start turning up dead your friend Steve thinks Bucky may be responsible.

    Warnings: Death, Major character deaths, blood, stabbing, swearing, alcohol, being restrained

    A/N: Here it is, folks. I’ve had this AU in mind for a while and then the drabbles I did for my last milestone really just gave me that extra push to bring this together. This is my first time writing for a character like this, so I hope it’s not too lame. Let me know what you think!

    Word Count: 9.9k

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    Boxer!Bucky x Female Reader

    Summary: Making an already sexually frustrated Bucky even more frustrated is likely to lead to just more frustration, but, if you can wait… Bucky has plans for you after his win…

    Word Count: 3121

    A/N: This is just a smutty little one shot because I fancied writing a dirty talking Bucky. This is incredibly filthy and very explicit, but there is technically no real smut in here, just brief fingering and brief oral, if you want to know more, go ahead and read ;) as ever, IF YOU ARE UNDER EIGHTEEN, DO NOT READ THIS, IT IS NOT JUST MY WISH, IT IS THE MOTHERFUCKING LAW.

    If you like this, please show me love with reblogs and/or comments! I will love you for all of time :D

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    power trio scenes

    • veronica moved into thistlehouse after her father cut her off, where she started getting closer to cheryl and toni
    • cheryl realized her feelings for v first, and feared that they were coming back from sophomore year
    • she tells toni about her feelings, and toni is relieved that cheryl feels it too
    • they try asking veronica out several times, but our lovely v is oblivious until cheryl has a Token Blossom Outburst and tells her they want her to be their girlfriend
    • “oh? oh? uh—yeah, okay. being your girlfriend sounds uh… great.”
    • veronica moves out of the guest bedroom and into the master with her girls
    • cheryl is a needy baby who usually sleeps in between her girlfriends, but as things get more stressful with her father it’s more often that veronica is the one being babied in the middle
    • veronica and toni almost beat the shit out of penelope on multiple occasions, the only thing stopping them is knowing cheryl can take care of herself
    • tiny v loves to sit on her girlfriends laps, and they both make fun of her because “look, you’re even shorter than toni!”
    • veronica is the only person toni lets call her antoinette. she always calls her girls by their full names
    • toni, on the other hand, likes to call cheryl “cher” and veronica “vee”
    • cheryl calls toni “TT” and veronica “ronnie”
    • veronica loves to speak spanish to her girls, calls them pet names like “cariño” and “amor”
    • cheryl, of course, does the same but in french
    • (both languages drive toni absolutely crazy)
    • toni loves to cook dinner for her girlfriends, cheryl makes amazing breakfast and, well, veronica’s spoiled ass knows all the best takeout spots in town
    Anonymous asked :tbh I think bucky has a breeding kink/reallyyyy likes doggy style lmao. I could see him getting into it asked :


    It’s only during the times in between that Bucky craves a normal life.

    Between the bloodshed and the bullet smoke – during the quiet moments with you – he craves something he’d never thought he’d want or get.

    He shifts onto his side to face you, runs his metal hand over your cheek. You’re half buzzed – eyes hazy and glossed. They’d celebrated another successful mission with wine and Chinese food. Both of them fit to burst.

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