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    Anonymous asked :Hey, can you please do Evie x reader where the reader knows nothing about fashion and evie finds it really cute? Thanks! 😍 Love your blog btw! asked :


    I did this as a Evie x Girl!Reader. Please request again if you wanted the reader to be a boy or someone with them pronouns!


    “No, no, hon-“ Evie reached over and took the black leather jacket away from Y/n. They had been close friends for a while now and Evie decided it was time for a makeover. …Although it was hard letting Y/n choose what she wanted.

    “Dark leather is out this year. If you want leather, try something lighter or brighter.” Evie advised with an encouraging smile.

    “Oh. Okay!” Y/n smiled sheepishly at Evie and turned back to the rack of clothes, her fingers trailing over the different kinds of fabrics. If she was being honest with herself, she had no idea what she was doing. But she wasn’t about to give up the chance to hang out with Evie. She’s so… smart and beautiful.

    “Oh! I… I wouldn’t wear that shirt with that jacket.” Evie pointed out, unable to keep quiet. She giggled a little when Y/n turned to look at her with a quirked brow. The innocence on her face was so adorable! She really doesn’t know anything about fashion, does she? She had tried to pair a polo shirt with a blue leather jacket . Big nono.

    Evie bit her tongue as Y/n tried a different shirt with the jacket. Nooo, it’s too baggy!

    “What am I doing wrong now?” Y/n turned to Evie with a sigh and a smile. Evie slapped a confused look on her face, but Y/n knew better. “Oh come on, judgment is radiating off of you.” Y/n didn’t mean that in a rude way, just that she could feel that Evie wanted to tell her something but was holding back.

    Evie sighed and then clapped her hands together. “Alright!” She strode over to Y/n and took both the jacket and shirt from her. “First off, don’t wear this blouse under a leather jacket. You’re sending mixed signals. Are you a bad chick or are you going to your grandmas?”

    Evie set both garments down and turned to the clothes rack herself. It didn’t take her long to find what she wanted.

    “You’re more of a spring. This white dress paired with some yellow accents will really work for you.” Evie held out the dress to Y/n so she could see what it looked like and grinned. “You’ll look even more cute in this!” She squealed, thrusting it into Y/n’s hands and pushing her towards the bathroom in her dorm for her to try it on.

    “Wait, Evie-“ Y/n put her hand in the doorway before Evie could shut the door on her. “What do you mean ‘even more cute’?”

    Evie pauses a moment, her mouth parted open in surprise. Oh. Had she said that?

    “Well,” She started slowly. “If I’m honest,” she looked at the ground then turned back to Y/n, crossing her arms comfortably. “Your inability to pair anything correctly is so bad it’s…. kinda cute.”

    Was that an insult or a compliment? Y/n blinked rapidly a moment. “Uh… Thanks?”

    “Just try your dress on.” Evie tried to shut the door again, trying not to show how flustered she was.

    “But- Wait!” Y/n caught the door and held it open. “I-I wanted to match with you but-“

    “Match?” Evie ran a hand through her hair bashfully. “You want to match with me?”

    “Well, I mean…. I want to hang out with you more and I don’t… wanna clash you or anything and I don’t want to make you look bad, so y’know-“ Y/n rambled quietly, eyes downcast in embarrassment before she felt Evie put a finger to her lips to quiet her.

    “Shush.” Evie whispered, looking Y/n in the eye. “You should’ve just told me.” She winked, getting her charisma back as she gently took the dress from Y/n’s hands. She walked over and returned it to the clothing rack.

    “Y/n? I completely forgot to measure you… Could you take off some layers please?” Evie’s back was to Y/n, but as Y/n’s face flushed, she could imagine Evie’s satisfied smile.

    “Y-Yeah. Sure.”

    Anonymous asked :Hey!! So I see you write for Lonnie! I was wondering if you wanted to write something where female reader helps her practice her sword skills and Lonnie tries to get her on the team? I love her so much! asked :



    “Y/n, your stance is perfect! You’re a natural!” Lonnie exclaimed as Y/n and her crossed swords.

    It was late at night and Y/n was staying over at Lonnie’s dorm because her usual roommate was visiting home. Because they were practicing without protective wear, they were using fake swords.

    “I swear you’re just saying that to flatter me. I don’t know what I’m doing!” Y/n flushed, taking a step back as Lonnie took one forward.

    “Nonsense! Your so nonchalant about it, too. My mom wasn’t even this good at first!” Lonnie insisted, raising her sword, Y/n blocking it with ease.

    Y/n rolled to the side and jabbed her sword at Lonnie’s hip, the blackette bearing managing to avoid getting hit.

    “Stop it! You know I don’t handle compliments well!” Y/n pouted, and Lonnie laughed, relaxing her stance. Suddenly her face lit up.

    “You have to join the team. Not just to get more girls on the team-“ Lonnie winked, “But because there is no way I’m letting your skills go to waste.”

    “You know they’d never let me.” Y/n argued back, although a part of her was interested in the proposition. She set her sword down, going into the bathroom to change.

    “We’ll see about that.” Lonnie smirked.


    “Jay!” Lonnie grabbed the brunette by the shoulder of his uniform, effectively catching him off guard and dragging him off to the side so they can talk.

    “Uh, Yeah?” Jay asked, cleared confused.

    “You need to get Y/n L/n on the fencing team. She’s a natural, I swear. The best thing that’ll ever happen to this team since I joined.” Lonnie punched him playfully in the shoulder.

    Once it processed what she was saying, Jay grinned back at her. “Oh yeah? Well I’ve gotta see that. Bring her to the next meet.”

    “Yes! Thank you!” Lonnie hugged Jay and then ran off, leaving the brute chuckling.


    “Lonnie, this isn’t going to work.” Y/n mumbled shyly from under her mask. She had the full fencing uniform on.

    “Sure it is. And no one will know it is you, so no pressure! If things don’t work out, you can leave.” Lonnie assured her.

    Y/n grumbled quietly to herself but fell silent as practice began. Everyone got paired up, and soon they were doing one on one practice matches.

    Y/n managed to catch her opponent off guard, jabbing at his calf and throwing him off balance. He caught himself at the last second and shot back up, aiming for the head, but Y/n was quick to dodge and strike again. This time the tip of her sword made contact with this guy’s arm.

    Jay called the match over and raised up Y/n hand, declaring the winner.

    “Congrats, man!” Another teammate complimented, clapping Y/n on the shoulder. “Let’s see who the beast of the team is!” He said, implying that Y/n should take her mask off.

    Y/n quickly glanced at Lonnie, who grinned and gave her a thumbs up.

    Slowly, Y/n removed her mask and fixed her hair.

    A silence filled the room other than a few gasps, then everyone began laughing and applauding.

    “Another girl?”

    “Should’ve known Lon’ would pull something like this!”

    “Team’s getting bigger everyday!”

    Y/n, surprised at all the positive response, turned to Lonnie who was already approaching her to tackle her in a hug.

    “Lonnie, is this really happening?” Y/n laughed in shock.

    “You bet it is!” Lonnie yelled, fist pumping the air.

    Jay tapped Y/n’s shoulder and smiled.

    “Welcome to the team.”

    Anonymous asked :Headcanons for jay dating the daughter of Snow White? asked :


    • When you first meet, Jay flirts with you like he does all girls, but then Evie asks him to get info from you, to see if you hold a grudge against her because of her mother.
    • At first Jay just does it for Evie, but the more he talks to you and gets to know you, the more he just wants to be around you.
    • He’s nervous about finally getting into an actual relationship and plans different ways to ask you out, getting ideas from Mal and Evie, but ends up just asking you out at night when he finds you stargazing and birdwatching. It’s very calm.
    • When you start dating, anytime you are offered an apple as a joke, Jay grabs it and takes a big bite to ‘test it’ for you, then he tells you it’s good and offers it to you, which always makes you laugh.
    • When Jay takes you to a Auradon dance and see’s you all dressed up for the first time, he says “Wow, you are the fairest of them all.”
    • Jay can’t resist your red-lipped pout, which you use anytime he considers stealing something.
    • You showing Jay how to call upon woodland animals and teaching him to be gentle with them so he doesn’t scare them away.
    • Him teasingly but affectionately calling you ‘Snow Cherry’.
    • If you two are ever being overly affectionate and you’re biting his neck, he’ll make jokes about you wanting his adams apple.
    • Double dates with Evie and Doug all the time!