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    Goddess has only been giving me ruins recently and it’s driving me mad 😫 she says she’s training me to only have orgasms when they are ruined and I think it’s starting to work, just as I feel it build up its starting to feel natural to let go and let it do its own thing and give up the pleasure. Fuck 😫

    My First Tumblr Hookup

    Holy shit, I’m super exhausted this afternoon, and I have my little blog to thank for it!

    So it turns out that I can use this page for more than just detailing my saucy little antics. I had no idea there were so many hot, kinky guys on here who are more than happy to put their money where their mouth is.

    Yesterday evening I got a message off a guy whose name I still don’t know (which I think is kinda hot), so let’s call him Andy. We got chatting due to our mutual love of cheating and impregnation, and after half an hour of talking, I was so wet that I could barely contain myself.

    As impulsive as ever, I told Andy that if he could get down here today, I’d make it worth the ninety minute trip for him. He didn’t need any further persuasion, so about 1pm this afternoon I get a knock on my door from a total stranger.

    Andy told me that if he came down, he wanted me in a flannel shirt, secretary glasses and nothing else, and I was more than happy to oblige. My heart was racing, I had a crazy amount of butterflies in my stomach, and I had a very very sensitive lower region if you know what I mean. Anyway, I answer the door to this handsome, muscley, well built guy who looks like he could fuck for days on end. We go into my living room, have a quick drink, then get right down to business.

    Andy eased me in to our session with some passionate, intense kissing. He took complete control of me and forcefully manouvered me into the position he wanted. He instructed me to spread my legs while I sat against the corner of my sofa, then rubbed me to a powerful orgasm with his incredible fingers. Once I was well and truly gagging for his dick inside me, Andy pulled his thick piece of meat from his pants and showed me exactly what I was in for.

    At that minute I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Andy had the most enormous cock I’ve ever seen. It must have been 12 inches long, uncut, rock hard and perfectly smooth. Needless to say I pulled him into me without hesitation.

    Andy’s incredible girth stretched my pussy to its limits. I’ve had oversized dildos inside me many times before but Andy’s cock slipping into my vaginal cavity felt like nothing I’ve ever experienced. He held my legs open and pounded my glistening insides like there was no tomorrow. At one point I screamed so loud that Andy had to put his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. His assertiveness just made me lust for his bare cock even more, until I I reached the point that I couldn’t hold on any longer. After a very fast orgasm, Andy pulled made me clasp my legs around his waist then told me he was going to give me the experience of my life in the bedroom.

    He picked me up with ease and carried me to the bed, threw me down, then entered me for a second time. He unbuttoned my shirt and ran his hands over my bare body, pinching my nipples and digging his fingers into my waist. I lay back and enjoyed the incredible sensation of this total stranger violating my body and reducing me to a worthless, misbehaving little slut.

    Andy’s breathing intensified, as did the force of his thrusts inside me. I quickly pulled out my phone and held it arm’s length away from us. I switched it to video just as Andy announced he was about to put his baby seed inside me. Obviously I encouraged him, and told him he shouldn’t cum in me because I was highly fertile and completely unprotected.

    Naturally, this didn’t dissuade him at all, and actually just turned him on more. With a final powerful thrust, I felt Andy’s oversized genitalia explode like a time bomb inside my already soaking-fuck hole. I was already full to the brim with cock, but what little space was left inside me was being filled with fluid that was so heavy it felt like Andy was blowing wax projectiles inside my dripping wet cunt. He must have shot at least twelve sticky, heavy bullets of man juice during an orgasm that lasted at least ten seconds. With each powerful spurt, Andy screamed out how he hoped he was drenching my cervix and ovaries with fertile, aggressive sperm that would leave me with his child inside me. He then told me under no uncertain terms that he would have nothing to do with me if I was pregnant, and it would be up to me and my boyfriend to deal with it.

    I certainly didn’t complain.

    When he pulled out, it felt like a waterfall leaking from inside me. A mixture of mine and Andy’s cum stained my bed which is still there three hours later!

    So Andy, I know you’ll be reading this. I hope this entry reminds you of what we did. If not, this picture should jog your memory! Mwah x

    I Seduced My Boyfriend’s Enemy

    My boyfriend recently told me a super sexy story about something that happened to him a few years before me and him started dating.

    He told me had a girlfriend named Kate who he was with for around two years. One night, Kate went out clubbing and ended up meeting this hot guy named Robin. One thing led to another, and Kate took Robin home and fucked his brains out. They ended up sucking and fucking all night until Robin gave Kate a blast of warm cum into her thirsty ovaries. Naturally, as happens quite often in one night stands, Kate ended up getting pregnant.

    Obviously I felt a little bad for my boyfriend, since he didn’t find out about this deceit until a few weeks later. However, I admit that by this point I had to stop listening because I was so turned on I needed to fuck myself with the nearest cock-shaped object. Just the thought of this sexy rendezvous happening without my boyfriend knowing was enough to get me tingling, but the fact Robin so willingly blasted Kate’s unprotected hole with his hot cum and knocked her up sent me over the edge.

    So, there I was browsing Facebook when I come across named Robin with whom I have a few friends in common. I ask my boyfriend if that was the same guy and he said confirmed that it was indeed. So naturally, being the naughty girl I am, I Facebook stalked Robin a little. After all, he was kind of cute! I’ve also seen pictures of Kate before and she’s a sexy little thing, so just the thought of these two gorgeous, horny devils getting it on was enough to send my imagination on a very erotic journey.

    The next day, I saw that Robin had tagged him and his friends in a bar in the city one afternoon to “watch the match”, as so many guys do. I thought this would be a pretty convenient time to strike. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew I had to do something! I quickly put on my most revealing top and headed to the same bar Robin tagged himself in. I headed there alone, and quickly I noticed him and his friends sitting in a booth near the entrance. When I walked past, I made sure to strut a little, and sure enough, five sets of eyes - Robin’s included - were glued to my ass as I walked past. So far, so good!

    I sat near the bar and waited for Robin to come up alone. He was wearing a really sexy, crisp white shite, showing off his clearly-toned muscles and lean figure. When I saw him, I pounced.

    I made small talk about the football with him, then I subtly implied that I’d been stood up by my boyfriend. I asked him if he’d seen a guy with tied-back brown hair come by, and Robin said he hadn’t. Robin asked me who my boyfriend was in case he knew him, so I told him. Robin laughed. I made a joke about might having to replace him with another guy.

    Of course, Robin’s interest piqued. He knew exactly what I was hinting at. After a little ‘confirmation’, I told Robin to tell his friends that he had to rush home for something. Me and Robin met outside, got in my car, and I took him back to my place.

    Robin was an arrogant, cocky kind of guy. A bit of an asshole. He knew exactly what was going to happen. He also had a girlfriend.

    And I was going to fuck him.

    As soon as we got to mine we went straight to the bedroom. I undressed Robin to reveal his sexy body and he did the same to me. His cock was hard and ready for me within minutes. I covered it with my saliva before easing it into my soaking wet hole. His bare cock thrust in and out of me in a sensual, rhythmic motion before he gradually increased his pace. I knew what I was doing was incredibly naughty but I got so turned on by my boyfriend’s story that I had simply couldn’t resist.

    Robin picked up speed, thrusting deeper and deeper into me with every grunt and groan.

    “Oh my god, Robin. You feel so big! Fuck, I love!”

    “Mmm, fuck Laura, you’re tight.”

    I couldn’t stop thinking about my boyfriend’s story from the day before. Fuck it, I was going to make it a reality!

    “I know you got my boyfriend’s ex pregnant before,” I said to Robin as he held my waist and plunged in and out of me. “And I want you to do the same to me!”

    “Oh fuck,” he said. “Really?”

    “Yes. Really. Fuck me until I’m pregnant with your baby!”

    “Oh, fuck, Laura… Are you on the pill?”


    Robin sped himself, grabbing the opportunity I’d just presented with both hands and both balls. I felt the tip of his cock connect with the edge of my cervix. Robin hardened up; I felt him twitching inside him as his legs knes began to tremble on my bed. I could tell he was going to cum.

    “Oh Robin, you naughty boy. I want you to put a baby in me you arrogant, cocky, sexy fucking stud! Give it to me! Make me pregnant and then make my boyfriend raise it!”

    Robin leaned down and passionately kissed me as he began throbbing inside me. His orgasm was accompanied with a loud, aggressive scream of “Oh fuck, Laura, FUCK!” as he ejaculated his hot, thick, fertile sperm into my womb.

    He collasped onto me and we gently kissed each other, basking in our post-orgasm highs. He withdrew from me, bringing a thick load of cum out with him and onto my white bedsheets.

    “Oh shit! That was incredible, babe.” Robin said. He immediately put his shirt and trousers back while I lay on the bed, narrowly avoiding the accumulated wet patch beneath us. I barely had time to register Robin’s sudden departure from my bedroom!

    When he reached my front door, he turned around and said:

    “If you’re preg, tell your boyfriend it’s his, yeah?”

    “Deal.” I smiled.

    “Great. Laters, babe. I should get back just in time for the second half!”


    Use His Fantasies - FemDom Edition

    • Make him put two condoms on. Tell him that you are not ready to let him cum inside you. Tell him that is a privilege you might allow someone else, but definitely not him.
    • Tease him that you are only using him for practice and that you only really enjoy it when you are fucking another guy.
    • Stop him when you are making love and make him pull out, then Queen him as a surprise.  Don’t let him have any room to move his head out of the way, hold it in place strong.
    • Make it a general rule that he must clean his cum up with his tongue every time he cums. 
    • Forbid him to touch you in any sexual way for a long period of time (month or longer), to the point, where he has to start earning it all over again as if you only first met and you make him go slowly. When you after several days or weeks of teasing him, when you finally decide to let him go all the way with you, make him put on two condoms.
    • Stop him while penetrating you when he is very horny, and demand that he wears a chastity cage from at least 10 pm to 6 am every day. When he is flaccid put the chastity cage on him and make him service you. 
    • When shopping, open the fitting room curtain right while he’s trying something on and completely naked…and keep it open while the sales woman brings in a different size. 
    • Tell him you’re going to make him watch you have sex with someone else and learn how it should be done. 
    • Simply stop him in the middle of making love, make him pull out of you and tell him you don’t want to continue, make him put on a strapon dildo instead in order to bring you to orgasm.
    • Tease him about what his ex-girlfriends must have thought of him, and his pathetic fetishes. Tell him that you’ve had talk with one of them and you heard from her that she knew about his perverted secrets.  Tell him that she just laughed so hard listening to all the ways you humiliate him now and asked if she can help humiliate him some 
    • When kissing passionately and about to make love, as soon as he takes his pants off, stop him, then him bring him to the full length mirror and tell him to look at himself. Tell him you can’t fuck a guy with that small a penis, then either get a strapon or ask him to find you a real man
    • Make him pay money for the opportunity to serve you or have sex with you. Tell him that he needs to put up some cash if he wants you to even consider having anything to do with his pathetically small and insufficient penis. 
    • Make him tan the word “SMALL” just above his penis and maintain it for the whole summer long.  Write the word “SMALL” nicely in 50spf sun block just 2-3 centimeters above his penis, and make him tan in such a way several days in a row, so that it becomes a semi-permanent sign.This will be private/secret semi-permanent and frequent humiliating reminder of his status to you.
    • Talk about other cocks when you are having sex with him… let him know you would prefer something else, something bigger - something better.
    • Take lots of pictures of him in humiliating positions, doing perverted sexual acts and threaten him to show your girlfriends or his friends.
    • Take the opportunity to humiliate him in front of other girls, by making him wear small speedos at the beach - showing his ridiculously small penis bulge for their amusement!
    • Washing His Mouth Out with Soap he whining or talking back to you. Put a bar of soap between his teeth and make him hold it there until you are finished with him.
    • Stop him before letting him penetrate you and make him ask you for permission.  
    • Talk about other guys, better lovers, bigger dicks.
    • Re-live past experiences with other guys by reminding him of exciting times and ways you’ve fucked and used before. 
    • When you are really want to tease him, especially with the threat of having another girl present, apply headphones with music and blindfolds to him so he doesn’t know what’s going on.
    • Forbid him to see you naked, or any part of your body under your lingerie for a long period of time (a month or longer).  If she is naked, the lights must be off or he must be blindfolded; but he can absolutely not see beyond her lingerie under any circumstance.This a subtle form of denial that will drive him crazy.  Get him used to the idea that he’s not entitled to that unless he earns it - make it very difficult for him to earn it.
    • Whenever you are with a girlfriend who knows him, take a picture together of you and her squeezing your fingers together symbolizing the tiny penis he have and laughing.You don’t have to tell any of your girlfriends what it’s really for… you can make up some other story to get them to pose for the picture. The point is to start creating a collection of pictures that you can use to humiliate him and keep him wondering what you might or might not have told anyone of the girls…he’ll never know!
    • Enforce that he is always wearing woman’s panties, not matter what.   Make sure he has a good selection of appropriate panties and always make him buy a few new pairs now and then.Just take away all his male underwear and make it a very very very special occasion when you allow him to wear them.
    • Tease his penis and his lack of ability to satisfy you.
    • Force him to give a blow job to a strap-on you are wearing. Tease him about how good of a job he’s doing, and how you are training him for the real thing. While he’s sucking away, tell him that he looks like such a slutty girl and that you’ve been thinking about a couple of guys in particular that you will be asking over to make him have the real thing. Make sure he’s tied up and focused on really giving a good blow job. Encourage him to really want to give a real blow job. Video him while he’s practicing on your strapon and as you make him confess that he really wants o suck a real cock.
    • When he’s tied up and can’t move, spit/drool on him in a erotic way.
    • Measures his penis, then decide it’s not good enough… telling him exactly why he doesn’t satisfy the standard. Take several pictures that you can send him later at random times to remind him of his small penis. Warn him that you will have the pictures available to share to girlfriends as well, so he better behave.

    Ideas for my goddess 💖