She's my master

Bi switch, mainly sub. The hottest pics are when I can't decide which side of the hierarchy I'd rather be on! Love when tops can put a pseudo-top like me in my place.

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2021-07-12 22:11:33

    Wife: “Feel how my big strapon dick is destroying your hole?”

    Me:“ugh, yes”

    Wife:“Your little penis wouldn’t be able to do this for me, would it?”*starts pounding faster*

    Me: “i wouldn’t call it little, ugh, but, no I guess not, ugh”

    Wife: “Its little, but that’s ok I still like to play with it sometimes. By now you know l do the fucking, all you need to do is obey me, eat my pussy, and give up that cute little ass of yours for a good pounding regularly. *tapping my prostate* Isnt that right bitch?”