Hey deah! So I’ve read six of crows and it’s one of my fav books but I was never rly planning on reading the other grisha books cuz I’ve seen quite mixed reviews but now that the tv series is coming I’m q tempted to read the grisha books cuz I wanna know what’s going on beyond just the soc characters. Anyway basically I just wanted to ask if you’d recommend the grisha trilogy and how does it compare to the soc books? Thank u!!


    hello! soc is the better series by FAR. the trilogy is nowhere near as well put together (bardugo's prose improved SO much in between series), but admittedly it was still a very fun read. I have quite a few issues with the way it all plays out, it is a pretty standard YA fantasy heroine story with very few surprises, but I chalk the lack of complexity to the different target audience ages (the standards should definitely be raised, and I'm hoping the show elevates it further).

    alina starkov has a lot of heart though, I love her, and most of the other characters are fun (one advantage tgt has over soc is that there's actually no one anywhere near as insufferable as matthias). I did find it helpful to understand the world/grisha concept better because even though soc was enjoyable without all that information, having the context made rereading soc+ck better.

    I got through tgt in a week, so if you're happy to have a quick read you could give it ago. or maybe wait to see if the show makes you curious about anything.


    deah I just got called a "sick cunt" by an Australian man and I do not know if he meant it in a good or bad way 😳


    sgdhhdgsgshshsgd I Mean... most importantly if you don't feel comfortable being referred to as such whether it's meant positively or negatively I do advise voicing your concerns! but as a general conversational guide:

    siccunt (sick cunt with no space between the word): a good thing! playful compliment between mates

    shitcunt: always an insult

    cunt (singular): goes either way, depends on tone and context

    cunts (group of people): always an insult

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    jessica dropping the knife to embrace carvel / milner commenting how much grant has grown up since she’d last saw him/DO YOU REMEMBER THAT BEAUTIFUL SEPARTION WE FELT the biggest secret in the world just us? / jessica digging the bullet out of pietre with her hands / wilson running / i chose my own people an “evil” decision which does raise the point what would happen to ethnic minorities should it proceed? / COMMENCE / wilson’s objection his desperation / ten million lives wouldn’t even make a dent / GRANT YOU FUCKED UP / carvel sobbing over milner’s body /  “because i’m asking you” ian pulling grant into his arms because some of us don’t get to have childhoods / the wheels in wilson’s head turning as he finally faces the decision he’d been subconsciously deliberating since he first took a knife to his stomach...... yeah i just think utopia season 2 episode 5 is the most traumatic episode of television ever