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    Symmetra Part I:

    Hey folks,

        Here’s finally the first Symmetra animation I’ve put together. Hope it was worth the wait. I’m considering doing more with the scene, hence the “Part I”, but we’ll see how that goes. Also, a big thank you to @servantesnc and Zero Diamonds, with their help i managed to make this animation a bit special.

    Also, just a quick thank you to all my followers on reaching 16K followers today! Really didn’t expect to continue to attract people to my page, but i’m glad you all like my stuff enough to continue to follow me. Thank you again everyone.




    I was gonna wait a bit before posting this but i really wanted to share this with you folks. I’d like to dedicate this animation to Ladiesman727; thanks to his more than generous donation, i’m able to enjoy another month of HBO :P

    Also, if anyone is able or willing to add sound to this, i will love you! It really needs sound to give it some much needed weight.



    Dat Tracer…  I think I can bend my content rules for this one.  She deserves it.

    So this one finally finished rendering.  It’s not perfect, and I ran out of time to add the sounds, but just to make it less boring I did add a little alarm sound and music to the video.  Honestly there are a lot of things in hindsight I am not happy with, little errors, other things, but I can’t go back now.  I spent a week rendering it all.  Time to move on.

    The whole scene was too big for GIFs, so you can find in the archive.