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    Car Wash

    Thomas needed his car cleaned but never had time to get to it with all of his classes and homework. The overwhelmed nerd was double majoring to appease his rich lawyer father who wanted a highly successful son to be proud of. A quick online search revealed a cheap solution - Frat Bros Car Wash. Thomas didnt like the thought of his hard earned money going to protein and PBR but he needed a clean car so he selected the fastest delivery time and entered his platinum card information before hitting SUBMIT. The next day he heard a knock at the door and opened it to see a bucket of water, some soap and a spray gun sitting out. “What kind of dumb joke are those idiots playing on me now!” He shouted in a nasally voice. He moved to pick up the spray gun but it suddenly blasted him in the chest soaking his good shirt. Infuriated the skinny student had no choice but to remove his cold and damp shirt and lay it on the side to dry. But instead of putting the supplies away his body seemed to betray him by walking towards his car and hosing it off as if about to wash it. Next he grabbed the sponge and dunked it in the soapy water before starting to clean the car. Swipe after swipe his skinny arms at first screamed at the manuel labor but each stroke them began to sweat and swell. The sun seemed to work in overtime rapidly tanning the exposed limbs as they gained a golden brown tan and beefy muscle. He wiped his sweaty face with his now huge hand, not caring that he got soapy water all over it. The soap dripped down his face and seemed to itch. Sinking into his skin and sparking the growth of neatly trimmed blond hairs all along his jawline which was also hardening into a more masculine one. Oblivious to these changes he kept working. Letting all his worries and ambitions fade away aa he dilligently cleaned each window. His chest soaked up the soap, sweat and sun. Heaving out with each breath. Pecs getting big and puffing out. Before sagging forward with downward pointed nipples. His soft stomach sucking in into semi firm abs that he remembered taking pride in. His big hands began rubbing his abs and finding their way down. His expensive pants had shifted a into loose bathing suit that did little to hide the growing manhood that replaced his formerly small member. His feet ripped out of his expensive Oxfords. Getting large and wide before being covered by large white basketball shoes. The changing jock gave a dull grin as his mates arrived. “Couldn’t wait for us to get started could you dumbass?” The leader high fived him as his hair shortened and turned blonde forming the perfect dumb jock cut. As they finished rinsing off the car together Tommy’s memories of his old life washed away as well, dripping down the sidewalk and into the street. The leader, John surveyed his newest recruit with pride and ushered him into his car. While he went inside to see the former Tommy’s brother. “Thanks for fixing my perfect older brother bro. Now I don’t have to worry about dad having high expectations of me anymore!” The dumber brother paid John his bonus and went back to relaxing on the couch shirtless and drinking a beer. Now that his preppy bro was a dumbass like him life would be chill.

    Taking Another Girls Man

    I had no clue that the guy I’d been sleeping with had a girlfriend. Sure, there were signs, there was a picture frame with him and a beautiful girl, but he told me that was his sister. The décor was less manly then I expected, but he was so cute and I’d had a few shots of tequila. As his hands were undressing me, the door in the other room shut. “Babe! I’m home,” a soft angelic voice called out.

    His face was stunned as he looked to the door. I was still laying on the bed in just my bra and panties when she walked into the room. Immediately she began cursing at him and then she started cursing at me. “I’m sorry, I had no idea!” I told her honestly, but there was major anger and resentment in her eyes.

    “You bitch! You seduced my man! You made him cheat on me! I’ll make sure you never steal another girls man.” The words she said cut into me, it was never my intention to steal another woman’s man, he had come onto me after all. In that moment, all I could think was to grab my things and get out the door. On the walk back to my place I couldn’t help but feel horrible for the situation.

    “Jules, how did you not have a clue? Wasn’t it obvious?” Chastising myself wasn’t making me feel better as I made it to my apartment. Immediately I went to my freezer for some ice cream. Plopping myself on the couch I kept replaying how he’d convinced me to go with him. I wasn’t the player, he was. The first spoonful of ice cream helped calm me down. The second spoonful and following additional ones were just because it was too good of a treat to put down.

    Sitting there in my shirt, jeans and heels, I pondered how she could keep me from stealing another girl’s man. Was she going to find me on Facebook and share my picture everywhere? Was she going to get my number from his phone and constantly harass me? The later thought made me groan as leaned back on the couch. “Stupid Jules, this is what you get for trying to have some fun for once.”

    While considering just taking my Facebook down, I began to smell something funky. The smell started off faint, but eventually was growing rather potent. Sitting up I sniffed the air trying to figure out where it was coming from. Looking around I noticed it was just confined to where I was sitting, as I peered down, I noticed that it was coming from my feet. Cursing, I figured I’d stepped in something, until I noticed how long my feet looked. I’d never had feet this big before. Grabbing hold on one I started inspecting it noticing how strong the smell was coming from them. “Oh god,” I nearly gagged.

    The smell was getting stronger and I needed to get rid of it. Hurrying to my bathroom I cranked the shower one and sat there staring at my feet watching them grow. Freaking out wasn’t an option for me, I was more fascinated watching them grow as the bright pink nail polish was flaking off. With the shower reaching an optimal temperature, I poured a generous helping of shower gel over my feet and began to scrub. The cheesy smell quickly went away as I scrubbed and scrubbed noticing callouses forming on my once baby soft feet.

    Once satisfied that the smell wasn’t going to return, I stood up nearly smacking my head on the shower head. Normally it’d be a struggle to reach it, but now I was eye level with it. Stepping out I stared into my reflection noticing how long my legs and torso were. My breasts tingled and were shrinking before my eyes. Not sure how to stop this I grabbed hold of them hoping that holding them would stop the shrinking. They continued to deflate until I was just holding my hands against my chest. The muscles in my shoulders and biceps began to pop and grow. They tingled as the skin stretched like a balloon. Completely shocked, I felt an itchiness under my arms and lifted them up to see a tuft of hair growing in and the strong scent of body odor.

    I looked like a roided out body builder with my long-muscled arms and petite torso. That look didn’t last long as my hourglass figure began to break, my chest was pushing out with solid pecs, my flat stomach becoming marbled with abs. My lengthening fingers ran across my body feeling a dusting of hair running down. So this is how she was going to stop me, she would turn me into a freakish looking woman that no man would ever date.

    The tears fell to my counter as my arms became hairy like a gorilla. The sight of myself was too much and I ran to my bed to bury my face into my pillow. Crying was all I could think to do but rubbing my face against my pillow was causing it to itch badly. “What?” Looking up I could see myself in my bedroom mirror. My nose was growing larger, my lips fuller. The perfectly plucked eyebrows I’d once had were thickening. My focus however was stuck on watching my natural hair darken and recede back into my skull until it was a perfect buzz. Sitting up I got a full view as my thick black hairs exploded around my checks, above my lip and across my chin.

    It took me a moment to recognize the look, this image looked familiar and then I recognized it. It was the man I’d just slept with. I looked like him. There was a knock at my door making me gasp in this deep tone. Even my voice was changing. “Just a minute,” I called out, still surprised by how deep it was. I wasn’t dressed to answer the door, so I grabbed the first things I could find. A white shirt, and a pair of skinny jeans and socks. The person was still pounding at my door. “I said just a minute!” The pounding didn’t stop though, and I swung it open.

    There she was, the woman whose man I stole staring at me a little surprised. “Oh wow,” she said. Something inside me snapped and I grabbed her arm and pulled her inside.

    “What did you do to me?!” I yelled motioning to my now manly body.

    Her face fell and I could sense she was remorseful. “I’m sorry, I assumed you were the one who convinced Alex to cheat. Turns out he convinced you.”

    “No shit! I wouldn’t steal someone’s man!” She nodded in understanding and then reached into her purse to pull out a dildo.

    “What are you going to turn me into something like that too?”

    “No, I’ve come here to undo what I did unless… you like it,” she looked at me hopeful. Hearing her ask me if I liked what happened stunned me. I wasn’t sure what to say. I’d just undergone a sex change minus the manly bit.

    Retorting, I told her how I felt at that moment, “I feel like I’m not either a guy or a girl right now. I’m in between.” Quickly she explained that she could fix that and motioned to the dildo. “How will that fix my problem?”

    “It’ll make you fully a guy, look at your clothes even right now they’re changing looking to fit a guy more than a girl. Look at your apartment.” Scanning around she was right, my normal girly apartment with tons of flowers and posters were now replaced with more guy stuff. My table was now a foosball table, the plants I’d kept on my shelves were replaced with model cars. I even noticed the stilettos I’d kept by the door were now just Nike sneakers. She held up the dildo, “this was Alex. After I realized that you were telling the truth I decided he could spend some time as a dick. As I raced over here though it occurred to me that maybe you’d consider replacing him.”

    We stared at each other, each possibly wanting the same or different things. I wasn’t sure, the longer I looked like Alex and less I wanted to go back to being Jules. “What do we need to do?” I asked hearing her sigh in relief.

    “Lay down on the couch and pull down your pants.” I followed her instructions and watched as she kissed the dildo. I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or to the toy, but she said, “enjoy your new life Alex,” as she pressed him up against my groin. As soon as his hard rubber pressed against my skin I felt him attach. The sensation of her touching it caused me to gasp and made it twitch. The glossy look of the rubber faded into soft skin as the last part of me became male. “Fuck me,” I gasped surprised. She took it to heart and began to pleasure me making me squirm in my seat. I didn’t last but a minute before my cock twitched and spurted a generous amount of semen onto the couch. “Don’t worry, you’ll build up stamina,” she told me.

    I was lost in the moment too horny to care that I didn’t last but a minute. “So I’m really a guy now?” She nodded and asked me to imagine being a girl. I tried, but thinking about the stuff I used to like just bored me. Right now I wanted a beer, to play some basketball, sleep or take her back to my bedroom for another around. We chose the later as she continued to caress little Alex.

    Wish Granted: Killer Bod

    Deanna was standing outside of the hotel and saw a woman going towards the beach. She admired her figure and wished that she could have a body like that. In the distance the genie appeared, and decided he was gonna play around with Deanna’a wish. Instead of having the body, she was gonna admire the body.

    Deanna felt a strange gurgle in her stomach, as her hair began to darken and recede. Her body felt bloated, as her body began to expand and grow. “Holy shit” Deanna said, as her hands got larger and manlier. Her fingers thickened, as her arms and legs began to grow wider and longer.

    “Fuck” said in a deeper grunted tone, as she was seeing images of the woman that just passed her. Stubble appeared on her face, as her feet began to grow and breakthrough her shoes. Her toes and feet widened and expanded, as hair grew on them.

    Deanna looked in disgust, as his giant manly feet broke through his shoes. Hair began to grow on his longer arms and legs, as her shoulders broadened. His chest began to change and shift, as his dress was becoming tighter.

    He let out a deeper grunt, as his stomach began to expand outward, and become heavier. Deanna felt his new weight, as his height continued to grow. The top of his dress ripped off, as his stomach began to sag, and his chest developed man-boobs. Grey and black curly hairs appeared on his distended stomach and chest.

    His tattered dress began to reform into swim trunks as he felt a strong pulling in his crotch. He looked between his hairy legs, as a bulge grew in his trunks. “Fuck” he said in a deeper tone, as his face began to fill out and age.

    His hairline receded up, as his hair turned black and grey. His face began to age, and shift, as his features began to bloat and change. His nose broadened, as a double chin formed underneath his salt and pepper stubble.

    Frank continued to be filled with images of his wife. Memories of marrying his beautiful wife, Tania. She was from Peru, and much younger then 46 year old Frank. Frank didn’t care though, he felt his cock stir in his trunks, as his changes finished.

    Frank followed his wife down to the beach and embraced her. The couple enjoyed their beach day, as Frank thought about getting his wife pregnant sometime on this vacation.

    The Sniff of the Good Life

    You love sniffing that dirty jock strap you found. You love the odor filling your nose. It causes you to not have a since thought, as the odor is so strong. Your small erection throbbing as you imagine who could have wore such a nice pair of a dirty jock. You have so many possibles. A big bear. A hot fuck boy. A foot ball jock. Your thoughts are endless as you can’t stop sniffing. You just want to sniff all day. Than a short breeze makes your spine shiver. Your face feeling hot as you don’t even notice since your nose is up inside the stinky cup. Your arms twitching with every inhale you take in. You feel so relaxed. Your cock sprouting up a little bit as you let out a slight moan. You have never thought you could be this relaxed, but this jockstrap breaks realities. You continue sniffing as your spine extends; making your body shoot up in length. Another soft moan escapes your little lips, but a little louder than before. Your legs slowing expanding in mass as they fill in your jeans. Your arms twitching a little more as they extend outward. You must be so into that stench that the growth doesn’t even bother you. Any worries gone from your head… heck any thoughts are gone except the thoughts of the jockstrap. You continue sniffing as your moans start to get louder. Your legs getting fuzzier from the hairs forming by the second as the threads in your jeans slowly tear. Your bulge starts to twitch as it slides down your leg. Your body twitch as your pecs expand. God you must love this smell, since I think anyone would notice this transformation happening to them. Your face feeling smooth, it would be impossible to even find a trace of those acne scars you had before. You feel your lips fill up as drool slowly drips down. You laugh dumbly as your adam apple expands. Your moans deepening as your adam apple stick becomes more noticeable , but that isn’t the only thing expanding. Your tight jeans barley holding, until the expansion of your cock comes in pushing the last pieces of threads. You moan as your transformation is just beginning. Your closed eyes being better in eye sight so those glasses you were suppose to get, well you don’t need them anymore. Your hand start to grow as the jockstrap is barley visible in your large hands. Your jawline becoming more visible as your lips become more kissable. More drool just keeps coming and there seems to be no stop. You have no thoughts now. The only thought you have now are just sniff. You love the smell and don’t want to stop. The thing you do want to stop is being in public as your hot growing body smelling a dirty jockstrap isn’t a good look, but that doesn’t matter as your feet start to tear. Your toes pushing forward as the wiggle their way through the material leaving no trace of a shoe ever being there. Your cock growing even large as the tip becomes uncut. Your balls expanding as a large smacking noise is heard from your balls hitting your massive legs. Your hairy becoming fluffy and curly as you let out another dumb laugh. Your pecs pushing out of your shirt as your moans fill the room. All you can do is laugh as your underwear hold on for just another sec as it is no use, since your balls expand just once more breaking them off. Your body turning a nice tan as your thoughts change. You can feel your sweat roll down your body as you finally remove that smelly jockstrap from your face. You lol at the mirror as you flex dumbly with a big grin. You lift one arm up and take a big sniff of your hairy arm pit knowing that you now produce the smell of a true man. You slip on the jock strap laughing dumbly as you know life couldn’t be better than this.

    Wish Granted: Traveling

    Catie was walking down the street, her family ahead. They were away on vacation and she was over constantly doing what they wanted to do. She wish she could have a trip for herself. Behind her the genie appeared, as he snapped his fingers.

    Catie held her head, as her heels changed into brown flip flops that began to get bigger. She felt a crack. As her feet began expand and grow. Catie’s hair began to recede into her head, as her feet continued to widen and expand filling the giant sandals now on her feet. Brown hair grew on her toes and feet, as they began to look manlier.

    Her body began to grow taller and wider, as her black dress began to fit more awkwardly on her growing body. Her arms and legs got longer and lankier, as curly brown hairs began to move up his longer legs. He let out a deeper grunt, as his hairline began to recede upward.

    Catie said down, as he saw his hands growing larger and wider. His fingers grew longer, as brown hairs began to grow on his hands and down his arms. His shoulders broadened, as his chest receded and widened out.

    He felt a pulling in his stomach, as his ovaries shifted and changed into testicles. A thick pelt on furry brown hair grow over his chest and stomach, as his face began to contort and change.

    His hair finished receding as his features changed. His nose got longer and pointier, as facial hair began to grow on his face. He let out another deep grunt, as his face and head finished changing. His black dress morphed and shifted as an orange shirt appeared on his hairy torso, and beige cargo shorts covered his hairy legs.

    Jerry had a mental reset, as his former life left his mind. Jerry was spending his 33rd birthday traveling Europe, and he was having a blast seeing all the new sites and scenery. Jerry saw two foreign girls walk by him, and he felt his penis stir.

    Written by BigfootGiant55

    I wanted to try something different tonight. I went online and found a site where I could order a giant fetish phone sex roleplay. I ordered a simple one. I called a guy and asked him to pick a number between 1-10. He picked 7, so that's what we were going with. He had his cock in hand as he called me from the bedroom of his house. When I answered, I told him it was my lucky night! With this answer his feet will grow. He laughed at first, but then he saw his own socked feet growing bigger and bigger. 

    His voice got deeper when his feet grew too big for his shoes. Soon they were hanging off of his heels. As soon as they reached the ground, he took them off and tossed them aside. His feet continued to grow more and more until he was wearing only socks on his monsterous size 22s. They looked ridiculous. The toes were long and fat with thick black hair sprouting out all over them. His dick started getting harder and harder until it was rock hard and dripping precum onto his belly. I knew he liked that because he moaned loudly. I could hear him breathing heavier through his nose as well. He was excited. "Can you see your feet?" I asked him. "Yes they are huge and still growing" he answered. "Do they feel good? Do they tickle?" I giggled. "They're great!" he exclaimed. "They do tickle, but they feel amazing." The next part is where things get really interesting. "Are you stroking your cock while you watch your giant feet grow?"

     I asked him. "Oh yes," he moaned. "I can't help myself. My hands are shaking and my balls ache." I smiled and knew that his balls and cock will grow giant aswell. "Now tell me why you're stroking your cock so much while you watch your feet grow," I said. "Because I love to cum. And I love watching my feet grow even bigger than they already are" he answered. He moaned as his cock started to grow bigger. I could hear it thumping against his stomach. I knew he was close to climaxing, which made me very happy. "Will you cum for me now?" I asked him. "Oh god yes," he moaned. His cock grew 2ft long. It had been growing steadily since he called. With that I hung up and dialed another number. This time I ordered a giant guy phone sex roleplay. 

    He picked 8 and her feet grew even bigger. He looked down at her feet and noticed that they were 3ft tall now. His toes were stretched out a lot more than before. He didn't know how he was going to fit into his shoes again. But he didn't care. He just kept stroking his cock as he watched his giant feet continue to grow. After his feet grew to their maximum size, he threw them off the bed and onto the floor. He couldn't believe that he'd grown his own feet this big. "I must be dreaming" he thought. He bent down and touched his toes. They were hard and cold. He looked at the rest of his body and noticed that he was a lot taller. 

    He stood up and felt like he was floating. He walked around the room and looked at himself in the mirror. When he turned back to look at his feet, they were still growing. He was amazed by this. His socks were stuck to his ankles. He tried pulling them off and they wouldn't come off. So he pulled as hard as he could. They finally came free and fell to the floor. His legs were hairy and his calves were muscular. His penis was huge and hard and throbbing. His balls were heavy and full of cum. He couldn't believe that he'd become such a big man. "How did this happen to me?" he wondered. 

    Then he heard a knock at his door. He opened it and his boyfriend was standing there. "What happened to you?" he asked. "I don't know" he replied. "I went to sleep last night and woke up a giant! Look at my feet" he said pointing to them. "No way!" his boyfriend exclaimed. "You can't be serious. You've never complained about having big feet before!" "But look at these! They're huge!" he said. "Let me see" his boyfriend said. When he saw them, he gasped. He knelt down and began to stroke his own giant cock. "It's true" he said, "Your feet have gotten a lot bigger today." "And mine too" his boyfriend said. "I'll give you two a minute to compare our cocks." Then I hung up and dialed another number for some huge feet growth.