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    It had all started a few months ago. Isaac had been walking home late at night taking a shortcut through the poorly illuminated local park. Suddenly a series of deep screams and shouts rang out through the night air, stopping him in his tracks. Isaac moved forward, believing it to be the antics of some drunk men nearby. But another set of yells boomed out, closer this time. He walked faster, through the dark park only to see the figure of a man hunched on the ground in the distance.

    Concerned for himself and the man, Isaac nervously approached, “E-excuse me? Are you okay?”

    Isaac got close enough that the light of the full moon revealed the man to be naked, panting on all fours. “What the hell?” he whispered to himself.

    The man slowly stumbled to his feet, unveiling his imposing height and muscular frame. Isaac looked on stunned at the sight of this naked specimen of virility standing mere feet away from him. Tattered clothing hung from the man’s thick, hairy limbs. The man’s chiseled, bearded face oozed masculinity, his eyes tinged with fear and lust. Most eye-catching of all was the enormous, hard cock jutting out from a pair of ruined shorts, surrounded by a nest of dark pubes.

    Isaac braced himself as the man seemed to come to his senses and dashed forward. “P-please, get away!” the man yelled as he pushed Isaac out of the way and ran. Isaac tumbled to the ground and the man span back around, realizing how hard he’d pushed the scrawny twenty-eight-year-old. Terrified, the man looked on at Isaac pushing himself off the ground, and continued his sprint away, disappearing into the dark.

    “Fuck…” Isaac grumbled, brushing the dirt from his arms only to feel a damp, sticky something as well. He looked at the ground, seeing streaks of the watery, white substance sprayed across the dirt and pavement. “It looks like… Oh fuck, gross!” Isaac bemoaned. He rushed the rest of the way home, noticing how the damp spots on his arms and hands seemed to tingle and burn. He immediately showered to wash the man’s spunk from his limbs and crawled into bed, hoping to forget the experience quickly. Indeed, the events of that night left his thoughts over a few days and life went on. Until the next full moon, anyway…

    It was about a month later when Isaac was relaxing on the couch, holding his phone over his face while the light of the full moon glowed through the window when a strange shiver rushed through him. The phone slapped him in the nose and fell to the floor. The lanky man followed suit, rolling to the ground as the twitching and tension spread quickly through his body.

    All he could muster were primal moans, growls, and shouts as his body stretched taller. His limbs lengthened like his torso while his feet erupted from his shoes. Muscles swelled across his figure, destroying his slim-cut clothing. His head crunched and groaned as his face shifted and morphed, taking on more masculine properties and becoming incredibly attractive. He screamed in bliss as his cock pulsed larger and larger, shooting cum across his stunning body. Isaac spent that entire first night exploring his new body. Then, as the moon faded from the sky, his body retracted and reverted to how it had always been. This would be the first of many transformations to come.

    At first, Isaac wasn’t sure what had happened, or if it would happen again. It was only after the first two transformations that he connected them to the full moon, leading him to prepare so his growing body wouldn’t obliterate his clothing as it did before. It was then that he realized he’d inherited some curse or contagion from the man in the park that night. Logically, he concluded he was contagious too, and so he tried his hardest to resist the overwhelming desire to seek out other men during his transformations. But in that superior form his inhibitions were lower and his personality carefree.

    By the third full moon, the changes were becoming stronger. That night he couldn’t resist and found himself in bed with a handsome twink. Part of Isaac was horrified knowing that he was spreading the curse to someone else. But a growing part of him saw the affliction not as a curse, but a blessing. He couldn’t help but be turned on knowing that the cute bottom would morph into a jock stud like himself at the next full moon.

    It was only two weeks after the last transformation that Isaac was walking home when he felt the changes strike out of nowhere. It was only early evening, and most definitely not a full moon. He barely made it to his home before he collapsed, incapacitated by the searing pleasure of becoming a masculine stud. From there the transformations grew more haphazard in duration and frequency, striking every full moon, but increasingly in between them as well and lasting longer every time.

    After one week where Isaac had transformed four times, the last time during the middle of the day for almost 18 hours, he knew he was likely to change permanently at some stage soon. He wondered how he would manage the contagious nature of his condition if it became permanent, or if the new him would care at all.

    It was right at the end of a workday while Isaac was on the phone with his supervisor when the telltale pins and needles moved up his arms, “Oh no…” His boss could hear him groaning down the line.

    “Is everything alright?” his manager asked with some concern.

    “I… argh… I think I’m coming d-down with something… I should g-go…” Isaac stuttered, slamming the phone down and fleeing the office. He got into his car, trembling as he tried to insert the key.

    Sweat dripped from his forehead and stung his eyes as he sped down the roads. “No, no, no not now… Not n-n-nooooooow, augh!” Isaac cried out as his entire body stretched taller in the driver’s seat. He could feel warm cum unload against his leg. There was no holding the changes back any longer.

    Isaac’s mouth hung open as he struggled to keep his eyes fixed on the road, resisting the urge to watch his shirt stretching and tearing under the pressure of huge pecs and broad shoulders bulging out from his body. His arms were bloating, expanding the sleeves of the slim-fit business shirt to breaking point. He gripped the wheel tight - the closest thing to flexing he could safely do in the moment - and moaned loudly at the power he felt in his strengthening limbs.

    “Augh, god!” Isaac groaned, his hands cramping around the steering wheel as they too swelled in size. His hands broadened while his fingers curled longer and thicker around the pliable wheel.

    A red traffic light offered some respite, allowing Isaac to survey the damage so far. His thick, furry pecs were painfully tight against the shirt and visible between the gaps of stretched fabric between buttons. He took the chance to relieve himself of his shirt and feel up the washboard abs that were gradually building above his stomach. “Oh god yes…” Isaac whispered before noticing the green light ahead, “Shit… shit… n-need to get home.”

    As he pressed the accelerator he could feel the changes sweep across his legs. His slacks braced against his thighs as they ballooned outward. The swelling legs pushed and squeezed Isaac’s hard six inches which ejected another load. The cheap fabric stood no chance against the expanding muscle, tearing and splitting at the seams as the growth traveled downward. His lower legs followed suit and made short work of the pants, revealing limbs far more muscular than they had been minutes ago while his flat rear plumped up thicker and rounder against the seat cushion.

    Isaac wasn’t far from home now. “Oh god,” he moaned as his feet began to enlarge within his shoes. He turned sharply into his driveway and stopped the car hard. He wasted no time dashing flounderingly into his home, hoping no-one saw his shirtless, half-transformed body from the street. He quickly removed the unbearably tight footwear from his feet with a sigh of relief and stripped off what remained of his shirt. He tugged the split and torn slacks and underwear down his long, thick legs and kicked them onto the floor. Long, meaty feet burst through the strained material, causing Isaac to fall onto all fours with a loud bellow. Cum unloaded onto the floor as his socks exploded, the size nine-and-a-halves pushing past size twelve into thirteen, then fourteen.

    The next part was always Isaac’s favorite. His six-inch erection trembled as it pushed further out of his body. “Ah! Fuck!” he screamed as it bobbed in the air, pulsing longer and thicker with every passing moment. His cries of joy deepened over the coming seconds while his head reshaped into a more masculine appearance. His plain, average features became angular and broad. His smile was straighter, whiter, and devilishly handsome. Brown eyes shifted to blue and his dark brown hair lightened in tone while a blond stubble dotted his sharpening jawline.

    Isaac growled, pumping the air with his now large cock as it continued its growth. With the end nearing, the throbbing member surged to ten inches, veins rippling down the shaft which thickened and stretched. The young man roared in rapture as the head of his pole swelled to match, shooting load after load as his final transformation came to a close.

    Still hazy in the afterglow, the studly Isaac rose to his feet, dizzy and stumbling. “I… no, no,” he stammered to himself, feeling the urge to find a sexual partner rising already, “N… Y-yeah… Yeah, fuck yeah… Guys should be thanking me for passing this on!”

    Isaac smirked as he thought about how to spread his gift…


    To the Good Sirs at New You Industries, I would really appreciate it if you could come up with something that would make me, 40 male, overweight and balding, Asian, into something of a younger, uber muscular, American douchebag. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

    That strong desire of yours was exactly the reason you didn't hesitate to buy the second-hand New You baseball cap from a stranger online. You'd heard murmurs and rumors about the mysterious company but could never find any trace of their existence. You didn't exactly believe the stories you'd heard through the wire, after all, want sane person would?

    "You can have it for $100 bro," the message read.

    "Done," you replied, sending the money and your details.

    Days passed and you almost forgot about the hat until you arrived home to a package at your door, a reused box in poor condition with a shipping label affixed to it. Excited, you took the package inside and opened it up. Sure enough, it was the baseball cap as promised. You inspected the well-worn headwear, spotting "New You Industries" stitched into the interior. Suddenly your situation seemed more in line with the stories you'd heard.

    You placed the cap on your thinning hair and pushed it down firmly. For a split second, you felt ridiculous for having spent $100 on some random frat bro's old cap. However, this was the real deal. A sensation like electricity tore through your body like a bolt of lightning, forcing you to your knees and emptying your mind of all thoughts. Every inch of you felt charged and energized, like nothing you'd ever felt before. Your skin felt alive like you were in the grips of sexual afterglow.

    You watched as your hands and arms took on a smoother, more youthful glow. You could feel regrowing hair poking out from under the cap and brushing against your forehead. But you weren't just rewinding the clock. Your skin looked different. A paler tone spread across you, replacing your darker Asian complexion.

    Your legs buckled and you fell onto all fours. A smile broke through your heavy breathing as you felt yourself growing dramatically taller. You couldn't believe it, the stories were true, and if you were going to become anything like the big, sexy, douchebag frat boy you'd bought the cap from it'd be all worth it.

    Your arms, which had been slowly slimming down, twitched and throbbed as they swelled back outward, this time with muscle rather than flab. Your shoulders and biceps were becoming huge, leading down to forearms that rippled larger. You watched in awe at your hands spreading bigger and broader across the floor.

    Muscles rippled across your back while two pecs expanded out from your chest, shredding the already torn top of your shirt. The changes spread down your torso. You knew you needed to see this, and so you clumsily pulled the shirt over your head, watching as two, then four, then six thick abs slowly expanded outward. You thrust forward, feeling your pecs continuing to gradually grow. You grasped them in your huge hands, squeezing them and feeling their raw power.

    "More," you moaned. The sound of fabric breaking apart became as loud as your groaning. Your legs bloated and filled with expanding muscles, becoming thick and strong. Your pants were already far too short, and now they were far too narrow as well. Powerful thighs and calves blasted apart the material and unleashed your long, sturdy legs and a large, growing ass.

    You could see light brown hair spreading down the muscular, tanned limbs. As it spread past your ankles you moaned feeling intense pressure in your feet. You pried off your tightening shoes. Your toes cracked as they lengthened enormously, breaking through your socks along with your growing soles.

    They hadn't even stopped expanding before you felt your cock begin to vibrate and stretch. You wrapped your hand around your shaft, groaning as it pushed into your grip, longer and wider. With every stroke, you felt more of your personality being replaced by that of a cocky jock. Your moans grew louder and lower as your neck thickened and a wide, manly jaw pushed out. Your brow deepened and your nose pushed outward while a dark stubble covered your angular cheeks.

    You took in the sight of your body: Huge, rippling arms. Large, meaty pecs and abs. Massive, powerful legs ending in size thirteen boats. And best of all, the long, thick nine-inch cock in your fist. You were an all-American alpha, and you knew it. At that moment you came. Cum splattered your stunning muscular form repeatedly. Gone was your old life. You wanted to flex, party, fuck, and have a good time, and luckily for you that's all you'd be doing from then on out.

    Jake puts the smelly shoe in Bryce's face

    Bryce was staring at his old friend Jake, taking it all in. Bryce's tiny dick was hard as a rock as he stared, mouth agape. Fuck, Jake was so hot. He was staring at his friends now hairy chest. Bryce spied the thick brown bushes sticking out from under Jake's pits. They were so bushy and hairy. Bryce longed to stick his face in them and sniff his friend's stink. Jake was growing impatient; he knew what he needed to do for the next step in turning his friend into a hairy foot obsessed jock like him. Jake took the nasty dirty trainer in his hand. He took another sniff and nearly gagged at the musk; Jake's 10 inch steel rod spurting a bit of precum in response. Fuck, Jake loved how it smelled now. Jake took the dirty shoe and quickly shoved it back on Bryce's face. Bryce gasped and sucked in the musk; he sputtered, trying to get a clean breath but all he got was foot odor. Not that he cared, Bryce closed his eyes and moaned, and almost shot a load. Jake just laughed mischieviously and held the foul shoe in place. "Give in Bryce, let the shoe do it's job". A few seconds later, there was a loud cracking sound that came from Bryce's feet. They were beginning to grow! Bryce's toes slowly began to grow bigger and stretch longer. His foot grew wider as it began to elongate as well. Bryce moaned, both from the uncomfortable cramping feeling in his feet, and from the heavenly stink from the shoe on his face. Jake grinned; he could see from his glassy eyes and pounding erection that his friend had lost all willpower to fight. It was all over for Bryce.

    truck on, truck off

    by  sparky enerdog

    Ryan finds a pair of trucker boots, size 15 to be exact, they seemed recently used, and stunk badly, it also came with trucker overalls and a trucker cap. The boots seemed to call to Ryan, making him decide to try them and the clothes on. firstly, he took off his thin clean shirt, secondly his snazzy trainers, then his neatly ironed jeans, and finally his tiny underwear. his tiny cock swung low, as he put on the gross oversized jockstrap that were inside the overalls, then one of the boots to check if it would be fine for him, it looked enormous on his tiny feet, the gunk and sweat stuck to his socks and his feet, causing him to quickly yank it out in disgust "YUCK!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK" He shouted. Suddenly, Ryan unknowingly put on the crusty cum soaked overalls, and the greasy oily shirt, and put his foot back in the boot. A surge of testosterone flowed through him, making Ryan moan as his feet grew, and hairs sprouted across his legs. his stomach also began to fill up, and his knowledge and memories began to fade, and new ones grew in, instead of studying he played soccer, and when he gained a truck license he decided to let himself go, not caring at all-wait what? this wasn't him, was it? eventually Ryan's feet ripped through his socks, and his cock swelled up to a large size, and became erect, shooting out precum. Ryan also began to gain memories of dropping out of school after college to become a trucker, as his arms inflated with flab and muscle, he also began to grow taller and taller, until he was able to reach the ceiling, Ryan also grew an extra chin, and another, until he had a triple chin, which then quickly became covered by hair as small stubbles of hair on his face grew out wildly, into a black bushy beard, whilst his hair began to vanish, giving Ryan- the person a receding hairline which he soon covered by a greasy stinky hat covered in sweat. As he finally shot out his load, the person realised their name was greg russell, the gay trucker. Greg looked at the trainers, what was he thinkin'? buying shoes that small would be ridiculous. "stupid ol' me, i must've lost myself right d'en and d'ere that i grabbed the wrong size" he said as he walked out of the changing room, leaving the shoes there.