Cuckold Ideas

    ♠    Play the game “A cuckolds delight”: Place hubby in permanent chastity for a full month, (uncaged once a day to be teased briefly before taking a shower). During that month, deny him any orgasms whatsoever, (possibly also require him to wear panties under his clothing), while performing any/all household chores. You on the other hand are free that month to enjoy as much leisure time as possible, whilst also experiencing as many orgasms as you want…BUT hubby’s task is not only to keep your home looking tidy, and pleasure you orally whenever you desire…there’s one more catch: in the course of that month, he’s to set you up with a minimum of 1 Bull. If the minimum target is met, he’s uncaged at the end of the month, and granted a week to use you however he pleases. If however he fails to set you up with a Bull (for whatever reason) the game is automatically prolonged by another month.

    ♠    Kneel in front of your Bull and have hubby kneeling behind you, holding your head and hair from behind while your Bull fucks your mouth until he cums. An additional idea would be to hold all your Bull’s cum in your mouth, and pass it on to hubby during an intimate french kiss afterwards.

    ♠    Tie hubby to a chair in the bedroom, and make him watch you and your Bull have sex in the marital bed. After some intimate foreplay with french kissing, and caressing, beg your Bull out loud to fuck you. The more desperate you appear to look, the more it will drive hubby mad…

    ♠    Have hubby lay against the headboard on the bed, as you lean against him or sit on your hands and knees in front of him. Then look into hubby’s eyes, and have your Bull roughly fuck you doggy style, so that hubby can feel the power of his thrusts while looking in your eyes.

    ♠    Tie hubby to a chair in the living room, and disappear off to the bedroom to have sex with your Bull, denying hubby the privilege of watching. After some time, take a break from fucking. Go out into the living room where hubby’s wating, hair a mess, makeup smeared, and have a glass of water. Say hi to your hubby, walk over to him and give him a french kiss. Then, grin at him mischievously, go back to the bedroom, close the door and lock it.

    ♠    Give your Bull a blowjob in a semi-public place while hubby stands guard (under a bridge, in an underground car park, on a reasonably deserted beach, etc) For the more advanced hot-wives, arrange to meet your Bull at the beach, and have sex on the sand at night while hubby stands lookout.

    ♠    Spend time socializing with your Bull for 10 to 15 minutes in the living room, before any action, and while everybody is still fully dressed. Perhaps put on a porn movie to set the tone a bit. While socializing, or watching the movie, sit next to your Bull, kissing, teasing, stroking, unbuttoning and treating him like a new boyfriend while hubby watches.

    ♠    Have hubby beg your Bull to fuck you. Have him beg your Bull to give you what he hasn’t been able to all these years. Demand him to say it out loud. At this stage, it’s all about humiliation. Make fun of hubby’s cock and sex skills in front of your Bull (“You see this…this is how a real man, with a real cock fucks a woman,…etc”)

    ♠    Go to a restaurant together with hubby and your Bull. While waiting for the main meal, take your Bull out to the car or restaurant bathroom area for a quick sex session (fucking or blowjob) then return to the table in time to enjoy your meal together. Make a point of kissing hubby on the lips when you return in order to confuse all the waiters and other guests.

    ♠    Take off your wedding ring, and have hubby take off his wedding ring, and lay them both on your stomach or chest, side by side…while your Bull is fucking you. Then have your Bull pull out and cum over both rings. Have hubby put both his and your ring back on full of your Bulls cum.

    ♠    Make a point of arranging that hubby drive you and your Bull around for half an hour while you and him make out in the back seat. For the more advanced hot-wives, at some point, make your husband drive you and your Bull to a motel while you and your Bull both make out a bit in the back seat. Then, once you’ve arrived, check –in with your Bull and make hubby sit in the car and wait until you’re done fucking your Bull in the motel, whenever that is. Alternatively, have hubby drive you to your Bulls house for sex. Then make him wait in your Bulls living room while you’re taken to the bedroom to get fucked.

    ♠    Have your Bull spend the evening at your place. Once going off to bed with hubby, arrange with your Bull that at 4am, he is permitted to slip into your marital bed (awakening both you and hubby), then crawl between your legs and fuck you right beside hubby. For the more advanced hot-wives, have hubby sleep in the guest room, and spend the evening in the marital bed with your Bull. When doing this, go visit hubby once an hour in the guestroom, so that he can touch, taste and smell the sex on your body. On your last visit, request that hubby wake you and your Bull up with breakfast standing ready.

    ♠    Make hubby wear women’s clothing, make-up and a wig and sit watching while your Bull fucks you. His task for the night is to be your Bulls personal maid, fetching drinks or snacks if necessary.

    ♠    Put your husband in chastity while your Bull is over, and have your Bull wear the key around his neck as he fucks you. For the more advanced hot-wives, have your Bull take the key back home with him, and hold onto it until the next time he comes over. Hubby stays in chastity until that next time, so it’s in hubby’s best interest that that next time comes sooner rather than later.

    ♠    Put your husband in chastity, tie him to a chair, and have him watch your Bull fuck you. Afterwards, with hubby still strapped to the chair, have your Bull cum all over hubby’s chastity cage and cock while you watch on smiling.  

    ♠    Make hubby go outside and clean your Bulls car, inside and out, while your Bull fucks you in the marital bed. As an alternative, have hubby take your Bulls car to the carwash and pay to have it cleaned inside and out, while your Bull fucks you in the marital bed.

    ♠    Have your Bull bend you over his knee and beg him to spank your bare bottom red in front of hubby. (I’m a very naughty girl, please spank me daddy) Even if it hurts, let it continue for longer than you’re ‘comfortable’ with, before finally begging your Bull to fuck you to ease the stinging. (Please, I can’t take it anymore,…please fuck me, please, I’m begging you…) This is especially effective if hubby is not permitted or encouraged to spank your bottom.

    ♠    Get into a position where you are able to intimately kiss hubby, while your Bull fucks you. Keep the kissing going until your Bull cums inside of you. For maximum effect, when you hear your Bull is cumming, moan out loud along with him while still trying to kiss hubby.

    ♠    Have hubby put his face inches away from your pussy while your Bull fucks you, then tell him to masturbate while doing so. For the more advanced hot-wives, have your Bull cum in your pussy, or on your chest if you use condoms, and have hubby lick everything clean. An alternate idea is to have the Bull pull out and cum on hubby’s face or in his open mouth.

    ♠    When giving your Bull a blowjob, have hubby come sit right next to you. Alternate between intimately sucking your Bulls cock, and intimately French kissing hubby with some verbal teasing (Can you taste/smell  his cock on my lips? Here, taste what a real mans cock tastes like, etc)

    For the advanced hot-wife, after five minutes of doing the above, grab hubby by the hair, and force his mouth down gently onto your Bulls cock, ordering him to get your Bull nice and hard before he fucks you.

    ♠    Have hubby get your Bull hard by giving him a blowjob. Then have your Bull fuck hubby up the ass. For the more advanced hot-wives, keep hubby in chastity for one week prior to meeting up with your Bull. Remove the chastity cage when the time comes for your Bull to fuck hubby up the ass. If hubby ejaculates before your Bull is done, that would be great, as he has to endure the humiliation of having your Bull continue to fuck him after he’s cum. If he doesn’t, and your Bull cums first, then lock his cock back up in chastity without being permitted to cum. Do not release him from chastity until the next time he puts his ass up for your Bull.

    ♠    Take photos and video of hubby sucking other men’s cocks, and getting fucked up the ass by lots of other men, then have him put a copy of all the footage on a USB stick that you keep securely. Tease him by threatening to show his closest friends and family all the footage if he ever steps out of line.

    ♠    Consider getting a “Queen of Spades” tattoo (or something symbolizing your love of black cock) put somewhere on your body. This will ensure hubby is constantly reminded of his role as your cuckold, as well as attracting attention from any black Bulls you happen to come across…

    ♠    Convince hubby to get some sort of ‘cuckold’ or ‘owned by…’ tattoo put somewhere on his body. Even if it’s something symbolic, have him make it permanent on his body to remind him that once a cuckold, always a cuckold.