>password sharing is estimated to cost them several billion dollars



    Password sharing actually doesnt cost them anything, every time u share a password they dont have to pay u for that. Its free. They just use that language bc they say that not having everyone buy into their service is a loss of a customer they /never even had/ and are pretending they would have made money from those non customers


    They aren't losing money, they're just mad they aren't making more money. Absolutely share passwords with friends and people you trust.


    God, time-travellers are so annoying. "Oh my actions are going to change the future!!" so do everyone else's. That's just cause and effect. "Oh if I do this, I'll never be born!" yeah an infinite number of people weren't born, you don't hear them complain. "they don't even teleportation devices back here" yeah, well, I don't have to get my microplastics drained twice a week and my oxygen is free.


    "This is where my parents mansion will stand in 500 years" Well, and just now this is my acre and my hovel and you're being awfully loud for someone whose body the gendarmerie won't be able to identify