Before COVID shut the library down, I was helping a little boy and his mom find books.

    “What do you like to read about?” I asked. “Dinosaurs!” This is common request, but can mean different things, “Okay. Do you want a story about dinosaurs, or facts about dinosaurs?” “Facts.” I took him to the dinosaur section (567.9) of the juvenile nonfiction. He picked out a couple books, and I asked him if there was anything else he was looking for. “Do you have anything on DNA?” I had to think about that for a second. “I think so…but I’ll have to look it up.” The boy beamed, “I want to find out how DNA works, so I can bring them back!” “We just saw Jurassic Park,” his mom explained with a smile that did not waver when she added, “We didn’t learn anything.”


    the distinction between board games and TTRPGs only exists in your heart baby


    im going to roleplay in this game of catan and you cant stop me officer [i am arrested and jailed anyway for playing settlers of catan]


    you can do a character voice in monopoly. they wont stop you. this is what Big Board Games doesnt want you to know


    The biggest ever evidence for the “haters are truly just jealous“ theory is When everyone was dunking on these delightful images of jack Nicholson enjoying a delicious hoagie in a boat and then jumping playfully into the sea. there is honest to God nothing I would rather be doing than exactly this. any man who claims this is lame or that he looks gross in any capacity is lying, & seething with jealousy