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    *Enid and Wednesday on their wedding day*

    Enid: I'll go and check on the wedding cake!

    Wednesday: Perfect, while you do that I'll check on the ring bear.


    Enid: You mean the ring bearER, right?


    Enid: Wends, look me in the eyes and tell me you are not going to bring a dangerous wild animal to our wedding.


    I really think everyone needs to truly internalize this:

    Fictional characters are objects.

    They are not people. You cannot "objectify" them, because they have no personhood to be deprived of. They have no humanity to be erased. You cannot "disrespect" them, because they are not real.


    An equal and opposite truth:

    The actors, directors, writers, etc that create this characters are people.

    They are real. They exist independent of the characters and your opinions. You have no right to them, their opinions, or their relationships. They have no responsibility to you. You cannot force them to follow your fantasy.


    THIS is a good addition.