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2022-10-02 10:41:55

    The DART mission (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) just successfully slammed into Dimorphos, which is the moonlet of the asteroid Didymos (also affectionately called Didymoon). Over the next few days astronomers around the world will observe Didymos and Dimorphos to see if there has been a change in orbit from the latter. This is humanity’s first real attempt at altering the course of a “killer” asteroid, even if this one isn’t hazardous to us.


    Seinfeld AU where they're all court eunuchs in the Byzantine empire

    Georgios: I'm telling you, you can't go on a date to the hippodrome, it always ends in a riot

    Jerstinian: What's there to riot about? Red team wins, blue team wins, it's all just colours

    Venetian Kramer: I finally figured out how I'm gonna pay all those crusaders off. foolproof plan. I'm gonna sack the city.


    you gotta think… for a baby.. getting in a walker is attaining godhood but for a mere moment in time


    It’s kinda like a mecha


    They're not recommended by pediatricians and physical therapists for that exact reason! Infants' hips aren't ready to fully bear that weight which can cause problems as they get older. Walkers also increase the use of toe walking (walking on tip toes) because they haven't developed the right muscles to walk flat on their feet yet. Continued toe walking actually decreases the length of the Achilles tendon which also causes problems as kids get older


    I don’t want him to learn to walk I want him to crawl like this


    it's always funny when someone comments on eurodance like "why don't they make music like this anymore" because they DO and it's one of the most creatively stagnant genres on earth (spoken with love in my heart for it)


    all you need to make eurodance is one female vocalist (mediocre-to-incredible), one male vocalist who Cannot sing but can say shit like "I'm a sex king man with a party plan / international nation hand in hand" in a deep voice, and an apartment somewhere in italy