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    Face Tutorial

    Quick Face Tutorial

    Profile Anatomy

    Drawing Heads

    Basic Head Layout

    How to Draw Ears

    Drawing Noses

    How To Draw Mouths


    Lips Ref

    Semi-Realistic Eye Tutorial

    Tips for Drawing Eyes

    Manga Eye Tutorial

    Pixel Eye


    Step by Step Expressions

    How to Avoid the Same Face

    Head Angles



    Drawing Hair In Pencil

    How To Draw Braids

    Another Braid tutorial

    Headband Braid Tutorial

    How To Draw Hair

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    Another Hair Tutorial

    Also Another Hair Tutorial

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    50 Male Hairstyles Revamped 

    Let’s Do Hair!


    Pixel Hair Tutorial

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    A Guide to Drawing the Human Body

    How To Draw Hands

    Hand Tutorial

    Hand Gestures

    More Hand Gestures

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    Feet Drawing Guide

    Foot Tutorial

    Drawing Feet


    Sitting Poses

    Drawing Torsos

    Abs Tutorial

    Clothes and Accessories:

    Clothing Tutorial (Notes)

    How to Draw Flower Crowns

    Helmets and Hats



    How to Draw Tights


    Boot Tutorial

    Plaid Tutorial

    Lace Tutorial

    Armour Tutorial



    Folded Wings

    Tutorial on Creature Design

    Bat Wings on Humans

    Pegasus Wings

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    Dragon Tutorial

    Dragon Wing Tutorial

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    Dragon Scales

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    Sauropod Tutorial

    How to Draw Centaurs

    Werewolf Anatomy


    Animal Noses

    Basic Animal Anatomy

    Paw Tutorial

    Fur Tutorial

    Pixel Fur Tutorial

    Painting Fur


    Horse Tutorial

    Horse Proportions

    Horse Hooves

    Horse Legs

    Dog Anatomy

    Simple Dog Tutorial

    Wolf Paw Tutorial

    Wolf Head Tutorial

    Drawing a Wolf

    Canine Leg Tutorial

    Feline Comparison

    Big Cat Paw Tutorial

    Lion Head Tutorial

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    Snow Leopard Tutorial

    Tiger Tutorial

    Fox Tutorial

    Rabbit Drawing Tips

    Butterfly Tutorial

    Rat Tutorial

    Owl Anatomy

    Feather Tutorial

    Bear Anatomy


    Glowing Stuff

    How to Draw 3D Rooms

    Gun Ref

    Slime Tutorial

    Chain Tutorial

    Gemstone Tutorial

    Bullet Metal Tutorial

    Lightsaber Tutorial

    Gold Coin Tutorial

    Jewel Tutorial


    Tree Tutorial

    How to Create Stars (With Photoshop)

    Stars Tutorial

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    How to Draw a Rose

    Simple Roses

    Grass Tutorial

    Another Grass Tutorial

    Quick Grass Tutorial

    Bush Tutorial

    Rain Tutorial

    Water Tutorial

    Underwater Tutorial

    Fire Tutorial

    Snow Tutorial

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    Light Sparkle Tutorial

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    Another Mountain Tutorial

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    How to Draw a Apple

    Strawberry Tutorial


    The Psychology of Colour

    How To Colour

    Colour Blender

    Colour Scheme Designer

    Colour Meanings For Roses

    Color Hex

    Colour Harmony

    Skin Colour Palette

    Pastel Colours

    Greyscale Tutorial

    Colouring Cloth

    Hair Colouring

    Photoshop Colouring Tutorial


    Pixel Art Tutorial

    Another Pixel Art Tutorial

    Photoshop Brushes

    Photoshop Layers Tutorial

    Glitch Effect (with Photoshop)

    Gimp Soft Shading

    Blending Tutorial

    Free Digital Sculpting Tool

    Skeleton Drawing Tool

    Repeating Pattern Tutorial

    Free Art Programs

    Silk - Interactive Generative Art

    Creativity Cards

    Don’t Know What to Draw?

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    I win.

    I got introspective one day and sketched out a 6 panel comic. It sat in a folder for a few days before I expanded it to 10. Then it sat for a week. After which, I moved on. The expiration date had passed, and the comic joined the rest of the half-drawn files in the very same folder. 

    I still don’t like it anymore, but I’ll take the victories where I can.


    The Black Shuck is a type of Hellhound from England. It is known to live in English Graveyards. When it leaves a area, the ground it was standing on was scorching hot, meaning it destroys the ground it stands on. According to English legend it says if you see it three times you will meet an untimely demise.


    Just realized humans don’t have eyeshine, so what is in that video might not be human, but a new cryptid.

    The Buck Naked Sprinter


    just to elaborate on the above comment because I learned about this in Bio 102 today and immediately thought of this post: yep, if that eye shine is real, then this dude is definitely not human. 

    While the human eye does sort of give off a glare when you hit it with light at night time, that glare is always red because it is reflecting off of the blood vessels in the back of the eye. while in animals with night vision like cats, the light reflects off of the tapetum lucidum in the back of the eye which is the part of the eye that gives them far better night vision. 

    i for one, am excited to see more encounters of the Angry Naked Night Sprinter 




    i had no idea they were so frickin huge


    I love them so much because they’re about as sharp as a baseball and their anatomy is ridiculous to the point of them literally being classified as plankton for years because they just sort of get blown around by the ocean and look confused, but because they lay more eggs than ANY OTHER VERTEBRATE IN EXISTENCE, evolution can’t stop them


    Why is no big predator coming and gnawing on them?


    Their biggest defense is that they’re massive and have super tough skin, but they do get hunted by sharks or sea lions sometimes and they just sort of float there like ‘oh bother’ as it happens

    Even funnier, because they eat nothing but jellyfish they’re really low in nutritional value anyway, so they basically survive by being not worth eating because they’re like a big floating rice cracker wrapped in leather.


    So basically the only reason natural selection hasn’t taken care if them is because they are the most useless fish


    yes, they’ve perfected uselessness to the point of being unstoppable

    a true inspiration