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    If you're going to suck his cock....

    (and you should, every chance you get) remember his cock is only part of the package. He's got nice cum filled balls to sniff and suck and roll around your tongue. He's got that sweet spot between his ball sac and his asshole. Paint his taint with the tip of your tongue. Long flat laps up and down making sure you hit is balls with each pass. If he's open minded enough to let you, grip his cock and use his precum (yes, he's got it by now) as lube to stroke him nice and slow while you tease his hole and eat his ass. (no judging, some love it) Take your time with all of it. Slip his balls into your mouth one at a time and roll it around your tongue. Pull back gently (or roughly if he likes it) on his sac and let it 'pop' from your lips. Slurp them both in your mouth at the same time and roll them around each other. All while your fist is ringing his cock from root to tip and passing your thumb over that sweet spot just under the ridge of swollen head. Keep eye contact with him when you're able to see past his hard cock. Lick your way from his ass up through his taint, over his balls and up his shaft until you reach the top then flick your tongue through his piss slit before popping just his crown in and out of your mouth then pull back with another 'pop' from your lips the way you did his balls. Remember, keep eye contact. Lift your ass where you kneel and wag it side to side so he has something to look at other than the back of your head once you swallow him whole with your face pressed against his groin. Grip it at the base and slide it inside one cheek and pull it back out slapping it gently (or roughly if he likes it) across your lips and cheeks before sliding it inside the other cheek and repeating the process. Smear your drool all over your face and smack it some more before tipping your head and sliding him across the roof of your mouth and down your throat. Push as deep as possible and hold it there a moment even if it makes you gag. Gagging around the head squeezes him tighter and dredges up more drool for you to use as you pull back letting it spill from your lips down your chin and his balls. Push him right back down your throat and hold it while you listen to him moan his pleasure as you lodge him as deep into your gullet as possible. Then when you think you can't hold it any longer, do it anyway, just for a second then pull back and off his cock and let him hear you gasp for breath and watch the clinging drool string from your lips to the tip of his cock. Slide back down and look at him. Let him see your black tears dripping down your cheeks and falling off your jawline. Let him watch the color in your cheeks go from normal to pale pink to red when you are lacking oxygen from sucking him so deep and holding it there. Use one of your hands to grip his balls and knead them in your palm while your other fist wraps around the base of his cock and start sucking him from base to tip following your fist as it strokes what isn't in your throat at the moment. Hummmm on his cock. Gurgle on the spittle collected in the back of your throat so he feels it in the head of his cock and it reverberates down through his balls. Pick up the pace. Keep kneading his balls and hitting your fist against your lips while your head twists one direction and your hand the other. Keep looking at him. Let him see the hunger in your eyes. Don't stop sucking his cock to tell him to cum, show him with your eyes and actions that you want him to feed you. At this point your chin, tits and his balls should be glazed like a donut and you looking prettier than you did when you started. Spit and precum mixed with tears all smeared on your face. When you feel his balls tighten and his cock pulsate and expand in your throat, don't stop sucking but let go of it with your hand and punch fuck the back of your throat with the head of his cock then hold it when you feel it jump in the back of throat as his slit flares open and he starts to feed you his load. Wag your ass some more to show him your excitement. Suck the cum from him like you're sucking it

    through a straw. Hold your head still while the last of his cum drips into your mouth then pull your head back slowly and push it down once more using your throat full of cum to slide it through before once again 'popping' the head from your lips. Open your mouth and show him what you just did to him then swallow it and kiss the head of his cock before rising up his body to kiss him deeply. If he won't kiss you, take note. Then last but not least, climb up the rest of the way and sit on his face to show him what sucking his cock has done to you. Grind the proof of it all over his tongue and chin until you cum in his mouth. Then climb off and kiss him and taste what he'd done to you.


    🥵 always kiss him afterwards …


    Big fucking mood for this.

    Also, always ALWAYS kiss your subs lips after they did their best pleasuring you and sucking you off. Always kiss them and praise them.


    Yes right way to suck


    A proper prostate Milking ( while in Chastity )

    1. Insert Large Butt Plug to apply pressure on the prostate.

    2. With subject laying on their back and legs spread open place Vibrator behind subjects penis.

    3. Apply pressure with Vibrator rolling from penis to anus in a circular motion.

    4. The subject will begin to feel their orgasm build just as if you were edging them.

    5. In about 5 - 6 minutes the subject’s cum will begin to Ooze out of his chastity cage. Keep rolling until cum stops oozing. With all the cum drained out, the subject will still be extremely horny and sensitive. Even though the subject has been completely drained of cum they will still feel as if they are on the edge of an orgasm that will never come.

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    Hardmasterfist is not a slave! Hardmasterfist dose not need a mistress. Hardmasterfist trains Beta boys to embrace theirs true Sissy Selfs. Helping them to release their inhibitions and become the perfect Sissy.

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    Saving this...


    I absolutely need this


    so you are interested in bdsm, huh? whether it be because you read a book like fifty shades of grey *shivers* or you are just curious, here are some links to help you start out!

    What does bdsm stand for/what is it?

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  • What is bdsm?
  • So what is bdsm?
  • The difference between bdsm and abuse
  • Bondage

  • What is bondage?
  • Bondage and Restraints 101
  • Rope bondage 101
  • Bondage for beginners
  • Discipline

  • BDSM techniques
  • Discipline v. punishment
  • are they the same thing?
  • Discipline
  • Dominant/Dominance/Dom/Domming

  • Dominance 101
  • How to be a dom
  • How hard can it be?
  • Everything you could want to know about being dominant
  • Submissive/Submission/Sub/Subbing

  • Submissive 101
  • How to be submissive
  • Intro to subbing
  • So you want to be submissive?
  • Sadism/Sadist

  • Sexual Sadism
  • Sadism 101
  • Sadism in BDSM
  • Sadism 101
  • Masochism/Masochist

  • Sexual Masochism
  • Understanding Masochism
  • Processing Pain
  • The joys of being a masochist
  • Types of Dom/Sub Relationships

  • Types of relationships
  • Dom/Sub types
  • Different types
  • A quick beginner’s guide to subs
  • Is BDSM always sexual?

  • Asexual and kinky
  • Asexuality in BDSM
  • What is non sexual play?
  • Nonsexual dom/sub
  • Is the man always dominant and the female submissive?

  • Sexually Dominant Women and the Men who Desire them
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  • I’m a feminist and submissive. Is that wrong?

  • What it’s like being submissive and feminist
  • Why im sexually submissive and feminist
  • Feminist sex submissive
  • Being a feminist submissive
  • Can i be trans/do i have to be straight to be into bdsm? Heck no! bdsm does not discriminate the kink/fetish community is one of the most accepting communities. so go on and be yourself we wont hurt you (unless you want to be)

    So what’s wrong with fifty shades of grey?

  • 50 things wrong with 50 shades of grey
  • What’s wrong with fifty shades of grey?
  • The troubling list of things wrong with 50 shades of grey
  • 7 realities of bdsm that 50 shades of grey ignores
  • *please note there is nothing wrong with exploring your sexuality and fetishes. there is nothing wrong with enjoying 50 shades of grey as long as you recognize that Christian Grey is not the role model for a good dom

    Sub drop/ Dom drop

  • Sub space, aftercare, and sub drop
  • Dom drop
  • The emotional side of sub drop
  • To dom space, dom drop, and beyond
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  • Aftercare for dominants
  • Aftercare
  • Aftercare 101
  • Aftercare for submissives
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  • Can i be abused in a bdsm relationship?
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  • Places to meet people interested in bdsm

  • fetlife
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  • Where to get toys

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  • etsy
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  • frisky buisness
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  • too timid
  • BDSM on a Budget

  • BDSM on a budget
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  • Misc.

  • The paradox of dom/sub relationships
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  • The relationship between a sadist and masocist
  • 101 ways to make your slave/sub feel owned
  • Beginner’s guide to d/s
  • BDSM training academy *for both doms, subs, and switches
  • belfast62

    Because you can never have too much knowledge….