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    Pride Started with Protest Pose Pack

    Important: The objects pictured are LQ due to the game settings of the person who took the screenshots. They actually look like what is pictured in the photos of the blank rigs. Just in case anyone is confused!
    This is the last pose pack that I’m releasing for pride month. I thought it was only fitting to honor protest, which started pride in the first place! Happy pride month everyone <3

    Screenshots by @miau-sims

    If you have any issues, please let me know!

    -8 Pride protest poses
    -2 Protest board accessories (Horizontal & Vertical)

    What you need:
    -Andrew’s Pose Player
    -Teleport Any S
    -Pride Flag Accesso
    ry by me (You need the mesh, linked in the original post)

    -If you use them, please tag me here or on Instagram @skywardsidon! Completely optional, but I’d love to see <3
    -When recoloring my accessories, please don’t include the mesh.


    Urban Bedroom Kit

    Build your Sims’ dream modern bedroom!

    Transform your Sims’ bedroom into the trendiest part of their home with The Urban Bedroom Kit. From minimalistic pieces of furniture to modern decor, these Buy objects offer a unique style that is perfect for inner-city living.

    Terms of Use

    DOWNLOAD: Patreon Early Access (Tier 3)

    Public release on the 16th of July.

    TSR | Twitter | CC page

    More info under the cut.

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    These are all cc that I made for personal use :)

    ️ Agnes hair : new mesh | BGC | Hat compatible

    ️ Loafers conversion to adult BGC

    ️ 2 new Wallpapers: Owlenmoon paneling BGC, Alpaggard wallpaper BGC


    Pufferhead stuff pack

    cc used:

    glasses | top | skirt




    - fixed the shine

    - added the 6 new swatches


    𝐀𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐀𝐁𝐋𝐄 𝐒𝐄𝐓 — 300 followers gift

    thank you for your support!!! 🥺 i didn’t prepare any thankful, beautiful text or something similar, but i did that gift with love, so i hope you like it! 👉👈

    that set it’s inspired by the area of east / southeast asia who have the “cuteness culture”.


    ⚠ - except tomato blush the set was created for woman + fem. frame, but it’s available for all genders / frames for those who want to test / use on them.


  • 20 swatches - teen to elder
  • BGC, disabled for random, compatible with makeup sliders.
  • maybe the result looks different because of the nose shape.
  • works with all skintones, except the ver. 2, which it’s shiny in really light skintones.
  • 𝐄𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐋𝐀𝐒 — stickers

  • 03 swatches -teen to elder.
  • BGC, disabled for random, compatible with makeup sliders.
  • maybe the result looks differentbecause of the cheek shape.
  • works with all skintones, mm skins, overlays, and alpha skins.
  • don’t work so well with things in the same area (cheeks).
  • 𝐓𝐎𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐎 — blush

  • 12 swatches -teen to elder
  • BGC, disabled for random,compatible with makeup sliders
  • works with all skintones, mm skins, overlays,and alpha skins.
  • don’t work so well with things in the same area (cheeks).
  • image
  • don’t reupload.
  • don’t claim as yours.
  • you can’t put my cc behind paywalls.
  • you can include the mesh in your recolors, but if you post it publicly, credit me, please.
  • you can convert to other games (the sims or not), just credit me.
  • image

    [ free / public ] patreon
    [ free ] simfileshare

    any problems PLEASE tell me.
    feel free to tag me if you use it, i will love to see it! 😊
    thank you for all the cc creators 💗🧡

    @maxismatchccworld • @s4library • @mmfinds

    2021 Pride Cakes | A Psyzny Recolor

    Here are all of them in one package file, as promised 😊 I had to do a couple swatches at a time because of my schedule lately, so now that I’ve finished (i think, if anyone does not feel represented in this recolor set pls let me know and I can make one for you.) here is one package file with all of the cakes as 13 swatches.

    Sims 4, base game compatible

    Mesh by pysznydesign ( @s-imagination here on tumblr ) and it is part of this wonderful set (needs mesh: item: rainbow cake, ad-alert) and the whole set is really gorgeous.

    14 swatches. Found in clutter and misc. decor. 10 Simoleons.

    To find quickly, start typing “2021 pride” into the search query in buy/build mode. If you’re like me and have a lot of CC in your game, an easy way to find things is to search for the title of the item you’re looking for.

    Download my recolor

    Alternate download

    And remember to get the mesh! The Original item is a rainbow cake which is also perfect for Pride Month 😊

    If you want the individual Pride cake recolor package files, click

    *Thank you to all the creators who allow others to recolor their meshes

    ~I claim no ownership of the images used for my recolors, all credit goes to the artist(s).~

    As always, please let me know if you have any issues! Enjoy and Happy Simming!

    anthropologie rugs! 50 swatches. bgc. download.

    after months of struggling to get the catalog images to work, i gave up– they still won’t work but whatever, i’m proud of these rugs and i want to release them into the wild. you can find them in build/buy by searching for anthropologie or kingfakey.

    tou: do what you want, but don’t take credit or put it behind a paywall. other than that, i don’t care!


    @maxismatchccworld @wcifsareclosed​

    Hair Streak Overlays for 4 Hairs

    Here are some overlays I made for my gameplay heirs! It’s the first time I’ve made anything hair-related so they’re not perfect, but I thought I’d share.

  • Left to right:
  • @aharris00britney Marie Hair
  • @cazmari-mods Meredith Hair
  • @greenllamas Kyanite Hair
  • @simstrouble Kay Hair
  • May work with other hairs that use the same texture
  • Facepaint section, slider compatible
  • 22 EA Colors thanks to @simandys actions

    Versace Bedset Recolor

    Decided to make an assortment of Versace comforters with matching pillows for them using meshes from Ung999 (thank you!!)

    17 swatches in total for each

    Meshes needed:

    Ung999 Bedroom Jasper - Blanket

    Ung999_Bedroom Amola - Pillows

    Download my recolors here:

    [Quiet-Storm] Versace Blanket

    [Quiet-Storm] Versace Pillows

    Credits to all other cc used in photos <3 <3 (Thank you!)