My Sissy Story😍❤️

Hey my name is Gigi😘 I am 20 and Uk based. Hmu for my socials if you are a sissy yourself or an admirer. I’m quite new to the whole physical side so tips and advice would be great🥺 anyway enjoy my blog and have a great day😘✨

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2022-09-29 19:21:11

    This is a more hardcore, longer version of gender wipe. Multiple layers, subliminal and voiced by my favorite TTS (Heather). 

    This will unlock the girl inside you, who is dying to get out. If you don’t want to be called by your girl name, become totally feminine in mind and body and totally accept your womanhood then don’t listen. If you do… then what are you waiting for sissy.

    You know this is your dream just give in and become the feminized girl you know you are sissy.