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    so i have an hc that Hyrule doesn't use his bow, because he's bad at it. Why? the lad can't see and needs glasses (hope you can work with this lol)

    "You're gonna have to shoot it," Wild says simply, with just a touch of pain in his voice.

    Hyrule swallows and looks back into the forest, trying not to squeeze his eyes together too tightly because he knows he won't be able to tell apart the brown of an acorn from the blurry mess of brown of the tree branches. He looks back at Wild, almost wanting to argue that Wild can just do it himself, but then his gaze catches on the makeshift splint and length of torn tunic fabric used to keep Wild's wrist tied to his chest and he knows that arguing back would simply be a rude thing to do.

    Of course, it's just Hyrule's luck that he's gotten stuck in some forest spirit prank where the trials are all bow and arrow related, and of course he's stuck with the best archer in the group who also happens to have injured his wrist when he accidentally tripped over a rock—hand landing in a fox's hole and snapping.

    Hyrule would much rather prefer to walk further ahead and just climb up whatever tree that dang acorn is hiding in and slash it with his sword, but he knows if he gets too close or too far from the trial the spirit will howl and screech angrily and throw pine nuts at them until they comply.

    He takes a deep breath and pulls out his bow, squinting into the trees, trying to pick apart the blobs from the other blobs, but his head is already starting to hurt. He sighs and lowers the weapon he really only has for show nowadays.

    "I can't," he says quietly, and he's afraid to look and see Wild's outraged face or the disappointment. So he doesn't look, and just glares at the bleeding mess the world becomes when it's too far away.

    "... Why not?" Wild asks and Hyrule almost flinches. He's pathetic, isn't he? His eyesight has gotten so bad over the years, so bad he can't even fire an arrow confidently anymore.

    He bites his lip. Takes a deep breath. "I can't see it."


    Wild must be disgusted. How embarrassing, admitting he can't see a target to the boy who can shoot five arrows mid-backflip all at the same time and hit every single target dead center without fail.

    Then, a hand falls on his shoulder. The voice that speaks is shockingly light-hearted, like the shock of a cool waterfall running down overheated skin after a long and harsh hike.

    "Oh, is that all?"

    Hyrule scowls and looks back at his companion, trying to comprehend the smile on his face.

    "I can help you then," Wild continues, and before Hyrule can even squeak a small what Wild isn't already shuffling behind Hyrule, his good hand wrapping around Hyrule's bow arm to encourage him to lift it up. "Hold still for me," Wild says, and Hyrule can only nod as Wild releases Hyrule's hand and grabs an arrow, moving behind Hyrule's back awkwardly until the arrow is loaded and pulled back.

    Then, a zip and a whoosh of air on his forearm, the arrow flies forward faster than what Hyrule can watch, and somewhere distant that he can't see, there's the sound of a thunk.

    Wild makes a tutting noise. "Missed," he says.

    "M'sorry," Hyrule says, his voice feeling tight.

    "Oh you're good, wizard," Wild says back, his voice feather light. "We got this. Try holding the bow a little higher."

    Hyrule does, and they miss again.

    "Here, let me just-" Wild shifts again, so his chest is flush against Hyrule's back, and Hyrule tries not to nervously hyperventilate. "That should do it. Your arm good?"

    "Yes," Hyrule squeaks.

    Zip. Thunk.

    "Miss," Wild tuts. He shifts again, and Hyrule snaps.

    "Oh this will never work!"

    He drops his bow arm, feeling like a failure, not realizing until there's another zip that he's just interrupted Wild loading another arrow. There's a thunk. A gasp from behind him. A second.

    "Din's bones, we hit it," Wild says, sounding flabbergasted.

    Hyrule looks at the trees, his eyes widening, but he still can't find the acorn amongst the blurry brown. "Really?" He asks, turning towards his companion.

    Wild's grinning ear to ear, and Hyrule finds himself beginning to smile too because not only is Wild's smile infectious, it's also always true.

    They burst into laughter, all the shame and nervousness suddenly trivial and forgotten as Wild slams a hand onto his shoulder in companionship. Friendship.

    "We make a good team!" Wild announces, and something warm settles in Hyrule's chest. He doesn't know what he was worried for.

    This drabble got me inspired sorry for crappy doodles with potato quality

    but just... Hyrule in glasses? ;)

    So the weekly prompt on the LU discord server led to two drawings this week:

    “Redraw a famous monster movie poster or scene, but with LU/LoZ elements”

    Has anyone seen “The Birds”?

    “Combine two or more Zelda enemies into some sort of horrific chimera!”

    How about a Chu Chu and a BotW Guardian?

    Pink Hair Legend!

    So it's no secret to all of us LU fans that Legend with pink hair is ❤️❤️❤️❤️. So here a drawing I made on my black pages Sketch book of Legend being absolutely done with everything. Poor boy being teased by the other's but that's just how family is sometimes am I right?😅