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    Work Song by Hozier except it’s being sung by what sounds like a few fellow laborers a ways up the coal mine that you’re working in. It’s dark and cold and grueling work, but whoever the singer is, he has a sweet story and a sweeter voice, and morale seems to pick up with each beat. 

    By the end the entire mine has begun mining in harmony, but as you look for the source of the song… no one claims the credit. 




    Beyond perfect 🤣👍


    Dude’s got pipes


    Damn he is BELTING it.


    You ever feel like something is simultaneous utterly unnecessary and completely essential at the same time? That’s how I feel about those bowls in this rendition


    hey is this the band that got jack black to duet with them


    For anyone wondering, this is Adam and the Metal Hawks. They’re the closest thing to 80’s hair metal to come out of the last decade. If you want a good show of their skillset look up “Wasting time” and you’ll know exactly the kind of music they put out


    So we’re gonna ignore the way laddie on the right is wiggling and bobbing his head and the bowl just stays still like it’s fixed in position and he’s just vibing under it?

    He’s not even centred and I love it


    I'd like it to be known that I was going to use Tumblr as the platform of choice for creating a boilerplate landing page website for my job, as my boss tasked me with creating a basic address to represent the company. We've already got a domain that we've been using for an email address for almost a year, and I know tumblr theme HTML coding pretty well, so I set up an account, but was unable to forward my custom domain. That's when I learned that custom domains MUST NOW BE BOUGHT DIRECTLY FROM TUMBLR.


    Additionally, if you HAVE a custom domain and it lapses for any amount of time, forcing you to turn it off, you will NOT BE ABLE TO RECONNECT IT.

    I will be using a different website instead.

    @staff this was a terrible decision. nobody likes this.

    I personally advise every one of my 132k followers, as well as anyone who sees and reblogs this post, to NOT purchase a domain from tumblr, as they are more expensive than purchasing from any other registrar, and you are restricted to using it on a single platform.

    Change it back.


    The only reason I give a shit about this is because this has been a core, free feature of tumblr's blog customization FOR OVER A DECADE OF TUMBLR'S LIFE.

    and now it's completely changed, locked behind a mandatory paywall. now, no matter what, if you want a custom url you WILL give tumblr money. that sucks. especially for business owners.

    im just laying down but NOT for a nap guys i swear im getting comfy cozy but im NOT GOING TO FALL ASLEEP my ass is NOT laying my head to rest bro im just getting snug as a bug in a rug. FOR NO REASON. ill be awake the whole time bro i swear. me and my stuffed animals are just hanging out dude i PROMISE ill be awake im not sle


    maidens if you are going to flee dramatically from my castle in the middle of the night once i reveal my true nature to you please leave your candelabra on the little ledge by the portcullis we are running out of them


    starting to think these maidens are stumbling in soaked through from the rain just to steal my beautiful gowns and homewear are any of you actually lost


    At the checkout in Home Goods loading the belt with nothing but candelabras in all shapes & sizes while the cashier watches sympathetically and asks if it’s the maidens again


    I’ll never forget the time my parents said they were going out for a few hours, and left my siblings and me at home by ourselves (ages 9-14), and instead of going nuts or just sitting around, we all rushed and did our hair and makeup and got dressed as fancy as we could; sister pulled out the wine glasses and grape juice and made an hors d'oeuvres platter, another googled how to play poker, pulled out chips from a different game, dimmed the lights, and we set up a fancy 4-person gambling den at the kitchen table and played until my parents said they were on their way back with dinner. Then we quickly picked everything up, washed our faces, changed back into our casual clothes, and pretended nothing ever happened. They never found out.


    i thought my laptop was on its last leg because it was running at six billion degrees and using 100% disk space at all times and then i turned off shadows and some other windows effects and it was immediately cured. i just did the same to my roommate's computer and its performance issues were also immediately cured. okay. i guess.

    so i guess if you have creaky freezy windows 10/11 try searching "advanced system settings", go to performance settings, and uncheck "show shadows under windows" and anything else you don't want. hope that helps someone else.


    hey this is apparently helping a lot of people! adding that on top of this you can also go to settings > personalization > colors and turn off transparency to also boost performance. this wasn't the Big Fix for me but might as well do that too if you're trying to optimize.


    past a certain note threshold on tumblr posts you unlock a bloodborne-esque insight and the strange lives of this site's users become visible to you


    we fucking found them?