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2021-05-08 17:36:29

    Let's fuck and get verbal

    - moan when I enter you - call me your daddy - tell me how big I am - let your face and eyes be mobile and expressive - gasp, sigh, yelp, pant, moan - tell me how deep inside you feel it - when I pull it out, wiggle your hips at me and beg me to put it in again - reach down with your hand to feel the point where I enter you, the girth of my shaft stretching you wide, my foreskin gliding back and forth as I thrust - squeeze your hole around me and tell me you want my cum

    In return, I will: - moan when I enter you - call you my boy - tell you how great your snug little hole feels as it opens up for my cock - let my face and eyes show the raw fucklust you’ve kindled in me - gasp, sigh, pant, moan, and grunt as I get deeper and deeper into you, new textures and temperatures inside your hole pleasing me on every stroke - tell you how deep inside you I’m getting - pull it out and push it in again so we can both revel in the feeling of penetration - hold your legs up and wide apart so we can both enjoy the view of my fat shaft splitting you open - grunt and bellow out loud as I shoot my thick, sticky load deep inside your body

    Sound like fun, boy?


    One of my most poular posts ever. But some of you fags haven’t learned the lesson yet. Read up.