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Sometimes i have a special mood......... ✧・゚: *✧・゚♡*( ͡˘̴ ͜ ʖ̫ ͡˘̴ )*♡・゚✧*:・゚✧ WARNING: NSFW content.......................... main sfw blog:

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    Anonymous asked :I said this elsewhere but I'm saying it here too bc it's a really important idea. Luka's jaw unhinging as one of his snake traits. This being very useful for when he's blowing Adrien bc deepthroating. Also useful when he's going down on Marinette bc less discomfort with his jaw locking up, more time for making sure she's completely satisfied (esp. with that snake tongue 👀) asked :

    Im not sure about it because Luka is still having humanoid anatomy >.>



    ‘Soooo, just learned something. Apparently back in the early days of exploration many travelers would simply draw what they found/saw since the means to study, photograph, further explore it didn’t exist yet. Well this is where many of our deep sea monster stories come from,because as it turns out many of these drawings may have depicted large tentacled and alienesque appendages emerging from the water giving belief to something larger and more sinister lurking beneath…. however in many cases it was really just whale dicks. Whales often mate in threes so while one male was busy with the female the other male just pops his dick out of the water while swimming around waiting his turn.

    There. That’s a thing you know now.’

    Old timey sailor: “Woh! It’s a sea monster!”

    Whale: “That’s what she said”


    It’s @lunian/ @sinnian‘s birthday, and since I love her so dearly for all the wonderful art she blesses us with I thought she deserved a lil drabble for her newest monstrosity wonderful au. It’s basically a lead-up to this (18+ link) and I can feel my connection to the Lord slipping ever further from my grasp. 

    Luni, you make my dash 100x better just by existing. You are so witty and talented and I’m so glad I was able to meet you through this fandom. I hope you have a wonderful birthday darling


    Today’s drabble is dedicated to the lovely @lunian/ @sinnian with a much needed Ladybug/Kim/Chat Noir sandwich to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY month. I hope you have the best March ever! :D

    This story is explicit (since I can’t use dang tags anymore without being flagged. Stupid Tumblr).

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    Anonymous asked :Is English your first language? This is by no means meant to be rude it’s just that I’ve noticed sometimes that you use odd wording in your dialogue that is typical of non-native English speakers. Would love to know if it’s true, if not then please ignore this ask and I shall put myself into the shame corner! asked :

    My first language is Russian.