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    there’s something truly miserable about JK Rowling being, at this point, the most prominent public figure associated with a hate movement but facing effectively no consequences for it because it’s an issue that only a small fraction of the population is passionate about.

    Like it’s one thing if you have someone who’s said or done some “problematic” things in the past. It’s one thing for a media figure to be beloved by annoying MAGA chuds but despised by anyone even a hint left of center. It’s one thing to consume art from someone who was a monsterous bigot in their lifetime but has long since passed.

    But with Harry Potter it’s just…. nothing. There’s not even a conversation to be had. Aside from people who are online enough to care, everyone else just carries on as before. There is no cancelation to come back from, there is no smaller audience the work is restricted to, there is nothing to contend with unless you’re friends with a specific kind of person. I still see people on dating apps who put BLM or ACAB or some other progressive slogan in their bios, but list Harry Potter as their favorite books. There is no shame in this. They see no contradiction because to them it is a non-issue.

    Rowling is the face of a hate movement and most people who like her work don’t even realize it. They don’t have to realize it. And if they did, they probably wouldn’t understand why what she’s saying or doing is wrong.

    I think about this every time I see new Harry Potter media coming out. Society does not care enough about people like me to even question if the people who hate us should face consequences for it.


    Because even if you personally are not giving her money, by publicly expressing your love of the books you are implicitly endorsing her. The only reason JK Rowling has any measure of power in society, and the only reason people continue to overlook her transphobia, is because of the popularity of Harry Potter. Because of this popularity, Warner Bros will continue to make spinoff media that allows her to grow her fortune and keeps her relevant in the cultural conversation. So long as Harry Potter is, at its core, an Acceptable thing to like, JK Rowling will continue to have that power.

    Maybe this would be a different conversation if she was dead and her estate wasn’t funding this shit but that’s not the world we live in. In the world we live in, Harry Potter should not be a thing that you should be able to admit to liking around anyone who isn’t an open transphobe. There needs to be a social stigma, a degree of shame, even, around enjoying Harry Potter. Otherwise, the capitalist machine will simply keep churning and we’ll never be rid of Jowling Kowling Rowling regardless of how many picrew avatars send her death threats.

    If I can give up Lana Del Rey after 11 years of her being my favorite artist because she made some casually racist remarks in an Instagram post you fuckers can give up Harry Potter because the author is the face of online TERFism.


    pls love yourself and stop pre-ordering aaa games


    this is a joke but people in the notes are missing the point, so id like to try to explain something… I’m in the games industry, i know a lot of people who worked/work in triple a company positions.

    preordering a game does *not* say “i trust this dev and they deserve my money to use to make the game that much better”

    what it says is “hey boardroom, i will throw money at anything with this logo, even before i know what the game is like”

    that boardroom sees that trend. they see theyve made their money back within 2 months of the game being announced… so the next time a lead comes to them and says “we would like to make this game, heres a budget and a timeline” the execs say “well last time we gave you 100 bucks and a full month, but your fans dont really /care/ what game you make, as long as it has our brand. so heres 75 bucks and 3 weeks. make it marketable”

    this means more “pre-order exclusives” like cosmetics or different art, filler stuff that a side team can pump out in hours. every store, every platform will have their own version.

    pre-orders do nothing but incentivise the shitty money-sponge practices we all hate in games. the point of a pre-order used to be to ensure you got your physical copy, but with most games being digital license anyway, that worry is unrealistic.

    However when you wait for reviews, what you show that boardroom is “what we put out actually matters. if we make a shit game, we get shit sales. when we only give a team 2 weeks and a fiver we get shit reviews.”

    so… love yourself, stop pre-ordering triple a games.


    It definitely wasn’t a joke and this is a very good addition to my post, thank you!! You explained really well what I didn’t feel like doing with my one sentence post 🙏

    Post +

    So apparently Post+ was not totally abandoned by the Tumblr group and is now on our radar

    Let me remind you that you cannot profit from fan fiction!!!!!! You cannot charge for characters that are under copyright protection. 

    Tumblr will not protect you if the giant mouse decides to come after you or if Netflix decides to make an example of you. You will be liable. 

    Please, please, do no put yourself behind a paywall and open yourself up to litigation. A lot of our doings are overlooked because we are not profiting from them. That paywall will change that. 


    If you run a troll blog pretending to be some kind of identity you “don’t agree with” (asexual people, pansexual people, what have you) and your idea of humor is to say incredibly bigoted things to make gullible teens hate the identities you’re pretending to embody, I sincerely wish you a happy find something better to do with the immense amount of free time you apparently have in your hands


    “Oh but it’s parody!! If people take it seriously it’s on them!!!” OK Seth McFarlane. For something to be a successful parody, your intent to criticize whatever you’re parroting has to be clear. You’re just calling people slurs and blaming it on someone else because you’re both unfunny and cowardly.


    On RWBY vs Cordovin (and Ironwood)

    To me, the choice to steal an airship was a clear culmination of V6's themes. Team RWBY had just lost faith in figures that were guiding them. They'd been betrayed by Leo, lied to by Ozpin, and left without help when Qrow sunk deeper into nihilism. It was a hard realization that the adults they'd been following weren't always going to know what to do, or have their best interests in mind. The team had to step up and start making their own decisions, and for Ruby especially, embrace her role as leader.

    So when they get to Argus and encounter another leaderly figure telling them they can't go where they're needed, do they listen to her? Of course not! Team RWBY's first act as their own leaders is to challenge authority— even if it means breaking the law.

    And frankly, I don't see why stealing from Cordovin is an issue at all. The law does not equal morality, and after learning that Salem's next target is Atlas, they needed to get there ASAP. It's not like they were stealing from civlians, and taking no for an answer would have completely undermined the idea proposed by V6. The story even acknowledges this when Qrow protests the idea at first, then relents. It's a passing of leadership from him to Ruby.

    This theme even extends into V7. For most of the volume they fall back into follower roles when Ironwood brings them in, but with much more skepticism and willingness to call him out than before. And at first that balancing act seems to work... until they reach an issue they cannot compromise on without RWBY sacrificing their values. When the authority figure makes an unjust decision and won't budge, do you get in line or do you fight back? As we saw with Cordovin, the show's answer is to fight back. She was RWBY's training wheels before facing off against Ironwood.

    Now I'm not arguing that all of these events are flawless in their executions. I'm speaking from a thematic lens. The idea of V6 onwards is to challenge and question leadership. You can take issue with the writing, but if you think RWBY should have just done as they were told or folded on their morals, I have to ask if that's still a writing issue and not a personal ideological one.


    Every time I see a post like this I feel I have to point out that people eat up anti-authority male heroes. They’re almost universally lauded for not letting bureaucracy and authority get in the way of what they know is right.

    So what’s the difference when it comes to RWBY? Hmmmmmmm?