Ronald Reagan raised so little tax revenues, and spent so much as President, he had to STEAL from the Social Security fund and left a big, fat Republican IOU.

    Republicans stole, now claim the social security fund is low. Unbelievable.


    Ronald Reagan and The Great Social Security Heist

    Instead of being a proud day for America, April 20, 1983, has become a day of shame. The Social Security Amendments of 1983 laid the foundation for 30-years of federal embezzlement of Social Security money in order to use the money to pay for wars, tax cuts and other government programs.

    The payroll tax hike of 1983 generated a total of $2.7 trillion in surplus Social Security revenue. This surplus revenue was supposed to be saved and invested in marketable U.S. Treasury bonds that would be held in the trust fund until the baby boomers began to retire in about 2010. But not one dime of that money went to Social Security. […]


    The real beginning of fucking the working class in America was reagan. He stole from the working class and gave to the rich and we’re still being fucked by that fucking asshole today while he rots in hell.


    If companies are allowed to sue you for losses during a strike, there is now no longer an incentive to not simply burn down your place of work.


    For most people, there's really no difference between say, 15,000$ of debt, and 200,000$ of debt. They are equally life-ruining sums of money. Why not, you know, leave that gas stove on? Cost the company some real money? Maybe if it happens enough times they won't be able to buy insurance.


    It’s a War on Children. It’s a War on Communities. It’s a War on Working People. It’s a War on Humanity. It’s a War on YOU!


    And a war on Mexicans and other Latina/o undocumented folx!


    News article from Global:


    When people talk about human trafficking, they rarely talk about labor trafficking, but it is the MOST COMMON form of trafficking happening in the US.