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2019-05-03 12:36:16

    Duo: Most Fattening Weight-gain Shake!

    One of the things I love most about being with Jodie, is how eager she is to fatten me up all the time! She is constantly inventing ways to stuff as many calories into me as possible! She wants me to be a HUGE ball of helpless fat! Recently she conducted a plan to make me the most fattening weight gain shake she could think of and upon hearing how she planned to funnel feed me it, I was very VERY excited and intrigued to know the ingredients of the shake! Standing in the kitchen she poured various fattening foods into a bowl and slowly mixed them all together, while happily informing me how much fatter it would all make me and how she couldn’t wait to pour it all into my greedy mouth. One of the ingredients was 2 sticks of melted lard!! Seems to me like Jodie is intent on making me an immobile FAT pig!!!


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