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    When it comes to relationships I don't have a clue. If this is pain hurry up and let me suffer. What doesn't kill me should make my love tougher. I was just being fresh, yeah I know I'm a mess. But I like spontanuity, continuity. Let it flow let it flow... with me

    too the ones you hoped that cared

    No matter how painful it may be, you try to make them as happy as you can. As much as they hurt you and tear you apart, you choose to give more as a glimmer of hope. Even when you are left by yourself you can't help but wish they were there for you. But in the end, no matter how painful it is or how much you wish they will never be there.

    same old.

    Emotional comfort is a luxury. Time after time the physical out weighs the amount of feelings a person has and takes advantage of instant gratification pleasure. Its getting so tiring putting myself back together by myself and only myself while seeming fine on the outside. The first pain emotional pain has always been the greatest. even though one gets use to the hurts of love and the war it brings the pains and wounds one receives inevitebly stays there and the inabity for it to full heal drives one to seek a source of happiness or relief. An underlying scar that will always remain one only wishes for someone worth while to come by and extend a hand. as time goes by we learn that we only slowly continue to deteriate.