“What? You wanna have sex? Ohhh nonono, honeyy! Not while you’re in this diaper, remember? You chose to wear these Pampers! I warned you that if you did I probably wouldn’t see you as much of a man anymore, but you insisted! You wanted to be in a cold, damp diaper as opposed to my warm, wet pussy. You literally chose your Pampers over my pussy!! 

    So no, I’m afraid we will not be having sex anymore now that you’re wearing these. In fact, I don’t think you should be cumming at all! Awww what? You wanted me to treat you like a baby, didn’t you?? And wittle babies don’t make sticky messes in their Pampers, or anywhere for that matter! 

    So I think we need to go over to the sex shop down the street, and you can tell the nice lady behind the counter that you need a pwetty pink cage to keep your wittle clitty locked up! Don’t worry! I’m sure she’s seen tons of diaper boys that made the same mistake you did!”

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    Cuddle time, little one! Why don’t you lie down and rest your head on my chest, sweetie? All the daycare workers here are really good cuddlers, you’ll find. You can even have a little nap!

    Oh? You don’t want to cuddle? Well, that’s okay baby. I know you’re upset because that hypnotic conditioning program we made you watch took away your potty training. It must be so humiliating having to wear diapers as an adult, waddling around with your potty taped around your waist, helplessly peeing and pooping your pants like a baby. But you’re not an adult, sweetie. Not anymore. You’re just a big baby with a full diaper.

    Awww, are you trying to hold in your tears, honey? Well I’m afraid you’re not going to be able to do that for much longer. The next hypnotic conditioning program is going to take away all your silly emotional control. When you’re angry, you’ll throw a tantrum. When you’re hungry, you’ll fuss. And when you’re upset, you’ll come running into my arms for a cuddle! If you’re lucky, I’ll even lift up my shirt and let you have a suckle on my boobies. Doesn’t that sound adorable?


    Why are you fussing? It’s not like you’re wearing a pullup or a cheap diaper. Just go in it and I’ll change you after.

    Why? You pee in it 20 times a day. I don’t get why you think going poopie is any different.

    OMG, don’t worry about me. I love your stinky diapers. If I had my way you’d do all your peepee’s and poopoo’s in your diapers. But you always sneak away to use the potty when I’m not home. I really need to get you some locking diaper covers.

    Ya, just like how I lock your PP. I would lock your diaper on you when I leave. That gives me an idea. If you go poop in your diaper right now. I promise when we get home I’ll let you out of chastity.

    No I won’t let you put it in my pussy, LOL. But I will jerk you off into your dirty diaper where your cummies belong. How does that sound?


    now THAT is how to negotiate!   LOL