My journey into becoming a sissy bitch

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2019-01-16 04:17:34

    Transformation & Feminization Training at The Sissy Institute

    Yes, MtoF transformation at The Sissy Institute. In the picture above Headmistress Bailey Love finishes touching up Sissy Nyxi’s makeup prior to her PORNO shoot. See 19YO Nyxi in some porn on

    When is it your turn? We do discrete and non-discrete transformation sessions. 

    If you need information email me at Subject: Questions about The Sissy Institute and making me a PORNO STARLET.

    Oh, we also have a program called‘Help Me Find a Daddy.’ Designed to help a girl to her next feminine level and then help her find the Daddy of her fantasies.

    Email me today for more information.

    Visit me on my new site for additional pix and GIFs Tumblr has decided to BAN. It is


    Tia Tizzianni

    The Sissy Institute 


    Yes please!! Love the outfit! I have the same cuffs :)

    Don’t be silly precious.

    I know your ex-girlfriend will be at the party.

    But didn’t she dump you because you wouldn’t stop wearing her pantyhose and bras and heels?

    So she’d probably have a fair idea your something of a girlie-boy.

    Once she sees how pretty you are fully made up with lipstick and mascara and nail polish, and a pretty little skirt she will probably appreciate you more.

    But don’t delude yourself, princess.

    You’re never going to be anyone’s boyfriend. Despite what you have between your legs, you’re far too girlie to pass as a boy - so you chances of ever growing into a man are zero.

    Girls want real males- not sissies in pantyhose and girlie clothes.

    And you’re never going to change. You know you can’t stop dressing up in women’s underwear, stockings, pantyhose and skirts.

    But look at it this way - all those boys who’ve bullied you and picked on you for being too effeminate - too sissy - they’re going to look at you very differently from tonight.

    They might still snigger amongst each other, and call you names, but secretly they’ll be lusting to have you.

    But turning up there with me, on the end of a leash, with my collar around your neck…and cuffed helplessly…they’re going to know you’re my property…my pretty little submissive bitch.

    They’re going to wish they owned you instead of me.

    Instead of an object of ridicule, you’ll be an object of lust, despite what silly posturing and antics they might put on initially.

    Now come on princess, let’s get your pretty red handbag and get going.