At last, it’s here!

    The full #IWMGFLT archive. (click this link to download)

    A 2+GB zip file containing a handmade captioned collection of 1.140 GIFs, 1.376 pics, nearly 300 submissions, plus more. And by more, I mean the pics of my slutty naked girlfriend. And the Q&A Series. And the Challenge Series containing over 80 kinky pics.

    All neatly placed into folders for your ultimate pleasure.

    This has been 4 years in the making.

    Reblog the shit out of this post, share it as much as possible. Burn down Tumblr.

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    Find me after tumblr represses us all!

    Looks like we might finally be being censored on tumblr.

    Go to my female denial blog. A fork in the road tales of t&d.

    I will start a male denial blog and repost everything. Also will see where the rest of the community ends up and see you on that website. Will still post here until they have truly pushed everyone away.

    Posting my last few items tonight so they can be enjoyed for a few days.

    Thanks for all the positive messages and interactions. See you on the other side . MC


    Hello, do you have a backup plan for this Tumblr doom? Where else can we find you? I'd like to keep in touch

    Yes!I have all my audio content on Patreon: have all my free soundgasm content: I will export all my content that’s visual to another blog!  That platform is undergoing dry runs!This tumblr will still exist, just with I guess way fewer “female presenting nipples.”

    I am on Reddit!  Or will be more!  I like this reddit: have Discords!  Here is the one where I am planning Exodus: hope to see you soon!  Thank you for asking.


    Now that tumbler isn't allowing adult content are you going to put everything on your discord now? And can you re post your discord name?

    I’m not sure what I’m going to do exactly. I’m open to any and all suggestions. I’ve been saving my stories for the past year, as well as my stories from my best of lists as word documents, so i’m not worried about that so much. But where i’ll set up shop again, i’m not so sure.

    And here is the discord link

    Locking up small penises

    Of course any size can be locked up, but there is something particular about small ones wearing a chastity device. Of course you could say it is the combination of humiliation and denial. Hereby a list why small ones should be locked up:

  • small dicks look better when they are caged
  • they would masturbate all day otherwise
  • since a small dick is unable to satisfy others with the tiny thing, it would be kind of unfair for him to able to satisfy himself
  • chastity increases submissiveness and obedience, which is a natural fit for small dicks
  • it makes them look less masculine
  • it is a punishment for being small
  • a small one should learn to use his dicklet only for peeing and get satisfaction from getting his orifices used
  • they don’t bother women with their attempts to penetrate
  • After catching my Mother fucking my Bully, I stood there frozen unsure of what to do

    I could:

  • Listen to the angel, Be smart about this, and sneak back to my bedroom where I could safely jerk off to my fantasies without risking the consequences of my slutty Mother or my cruel Bully finding out how turned on I was by this…
  • Or I could listen to the demon, give in to my urges, and drop to my knees and crawl into the bedroom with them to show my willingness to submit while letting the two of them berate and humiliate me for being such a wimp all they wanted while fucking in front of my face!