Wimpy Sissy for Muslim Masters
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2017-11-17 20:53:51

    What you can’t see are all the other signs that say things like, “Thank you for spreading Islam!” and “Praise Allah for these warriors!” There are countless Islamic women already living in European countries, and they NEED Muslim men to stand by. We must invade Europe at ALL COSTS!


    Ja kommt her nach Europa, nehmt euch eure Frauen zur Ehefrau und unsere Frauen zum Ficken und zu eurer Lusterfüllung


    The fact that nearly 90% of the millions of refugees in Europe are males from 16-25 years old is conveniently left out of the media. All Islam has to do is send over millions of big dicked young lads, and the fragile Christian system will NEVER survive. Whites are being bred out of existence! In a few generations, everyone will be praising Allah and all these false religions will be a thing of the past.


    Come to Holland!! Refugees welcome


    come  to Germany please!!!


    A higher status!

    Powerful and dominant!

    The First Wife!

    The Black Muslim Mistress!

    A pure muslimah!

    To be obeyed and worshipped!

    The future!

    The Revolution!


    Black muslim power, as a white male your a nothing, a pathetic western pansy and your choice is only slavery. I worship her deeply, I had to accept, the democracy is not the right culture, I only had to obey the sharia and become a muslim sissy owned by a wonderful black Muslim Mistress. She does not like white small cocks and announced my castration. I had to accept it, the ritual done by young black laughing muslim women. I am useless and I am a toilet cleaner now. Of course I have converted, I adore the new world power.


    vier Ehefrauen darf der Muslim heiraten

    vier Ehefrauen gebären ihm muslimische Kinder

    drei muslimische Männer gehen leer aus und versuchen deutsche Frauen zu ficken.

    drei deutsche Männer gehen leer aus weil drei deutsche Frauen von muslimische Männer gefickt werden.

    drei deutsche Männer dürfen auch keine muslimischen Frauen ficken und haben somit Zeit um Hartz4 für alle zu erarbeiten

    ist das nicht geil?


    das ist so geil. Die deutschen Beta-Männer werden schwul und feminin werden, sie können den muslimischen Frauen im Haushalt helfen. Natürlich kastriert.