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    1) Determine your best possible shades of gloss. You’ll want something that matches your skin tone, but you should also consider about other makeup you will be wearing. If you have several shades available, you should pick a best option and one or two backup colors.

  • This way, when you apply your lip gloss, if it doesn’t work with the rest of your makeup, you can wipe it off before it’s too late and use a different shade.
  • Generally, the following skin tones match with the following shades of gloss:
    Fair-skinned - light shades, pink, and beige
    Medium-toned - rose, mauve, and berry
    Dark-skinned - plum, chocolate, and red
  • 2) Match your gloss with the occasion, sissy. If you’re trying to add some sluttiness to your look, you might try using darker, sensual colors, like deep reds. A more innocent schoolgirl look for daddy might be achieved with lighter, gentler shades, like pinks and skin tones. Playful color, like oranges, blues, and metallic tones, might be perfect for a fun day out with your pansy friends.

    3) Figure out what kind of lip gloss you’ll be using, princess. There are three main ways of applying lip gloss, and you can determine the application with a quick look at the lip gloss you plan on using. Take off the cap, and:

  • Sweetheart, if you notice there’s a dip-stick with a wand-type applicator on the end, you are using liquid lip gloss. This type can be applied best by dipping the stick in and drag/rubbing it along your lips.
  • If there is a solid stick-type applicator, it’s a roll-on variety of lip gloss. For best application, rub on the lip gloss gently in circular motions - the way his cock will rub your lips later on.
  • Tube lip gloss should be squeezed out a little bit at a time onto your finger, lip brush, or sponge applicator, then spread gently onto your sissy lips.
  • 4) Finish all other makeup before applying your lip gloss. Lip gloss can be a difficult customer, and the last thing you want is for a sticky, clumpy application of gloss to overpower your sissy princess look. By finishing all of your other pretty makeup beforehand, you’ll be able to clearly see if less is more, or if a heavier application is better after all for a slut like you.

    5) Use a lip pencil to really bring out your pretty sissy lips. Trace the edges of your lips with your lip pencil. To make this look appear natural, you’ll have to gently blend in the lip pencil when applying your lip gloss.

  • To bring out your mouth shape with a lip pencil, trace your pencil from the middle part of your top lip and follow its border until you reach the corner. Repeat this for both sides for both top and bottom lip.
  • 6) Apply lipstick before your gloss, slut. Lipstick can be given extra pop with a clear lip gloss. You do want him to notice your mouth and want to put his hard cock in it right sweetheart? This kind of application has the added benefit of protecting your lipstick from coming off. If you are afraid of your lipstick smearing or rubbing off, lip gloss is a great option!

  • You can also blend different colors of lipstick and gloss. You’ll likely want to stick with similar shades, but you never know the effect you might end up with.
  • 7) Put on your lip gloss now princess. Likely you’ll have some kind of applicator, be it a wand, roll-on tube, or sponge. Administer your lip gloss onto its applicator, and then, while looking in a wall mirror or compact like the little girl you are, put the gloss on the part of your lip that protrudes the most from your face. For most this is the middle of the bottom lip. Then:

  • Spread your lip gloss lightly toward the edges of the same lip.
  • Press your bottom and top lips together to spread the gloss from one lip to the other.
  • Observe the cleanness of your application and use Q-tips and tissues to correct any mistakes.
  • 8) Good girl! You’re all finished with your pretty lip gloss and ready to suck cock.


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