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I'm an collared owned sissy , who is caged 24/7 by my mistress . no findoms needed here . I do not own the images on this page but repost stuff I like ❤.

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2022-04-30 16:34:04

    ⚠️ Yo, to all of you acting like *mistresses* and *mommies* out there, news flash: 📢 I AM NOT YOUR NEXT PAY CHECK.

    ⚠️ Fuck off with that shiznit and LEAVE ME ALONE if all you're interested in is a tribute or commitment fee.

    💯 This is real life to me, a lifestyle, it's who I am, not what I'm paying someone to create for me. I'm not a margin note in a customer portfolio, K? We clear there?! I'm fucking sick of being hounded by fakes and wannabes.

    ‼️ I don't care, I don't want to support your living expenses, I don't want to buy you coffee, I don't want to send you anything, I don't want to be a fucking client.

    🎀 I'm here to share something of myself because I don't have anywhere else to do it right now. I'm here to meet other people like me. I'm here for my own gawd damn reasons, NOT for someone else to make a profit on MY kinks! FUCK OFF!

    ✌🏻 Kthxbai

    The Getaway

    “Clark I’m really glad you told me about your sissy fantasies. I really wanted to feel the same way about them, but seeing you dressed as Claire doesn’t really do it for me. I need a real man. I know I told you this weekend would be a getaway for us to indulge in your fantasies. That we would spend the weekend with you locked in chastity, dressed up, and bound and gagged. Well that was only partially true. You are currently all of things now, plus you have a nice sized plug in your ass. But the truth is I brought you here, because I sold you to a lesbian couple that believes men are the weaker sex and they should all be kept permanently in chastity and feminized. So you get to live out your fantasy and I get to make a lot of money and am free to go find a real man. Good news is they have no use for your chastity keys are letting me keep them to remember you by. I may melt them down and have them turned into a ring or something. I must run now, your new owners will be here in a few hours in walk you through the hotel bound and gagged and off to your new permanent life as Claire. Until then, enjoy your alone time with your bondage and your vibrating plug.” Emily finished as she turned on the plug to its highest setting. Emily left the room to sounds of her former boyfriend moaning.

    “MMMMGGGHFFH MMMMPPPPFHFHG MMMMMMPPGPFHFFN” only muffled moans of pleasure escaped Claire’s tightly taped mouth as her clitty strained in its new permanent prison.


    i can safeword whenever i want. period.

    if i’m in the middle of receiving a punishment and i have to pee, i am allowed to safeword.

    if my positioning is uncomfortable and keeping me from enjoying our play, i am allowed to safeword.

    if you are about to punish me and i think we need to talk a little more about the supposed severity of my missteps, i am allowed to safeword.

    if you just started punishing me and i realized i am not in the mental state to receive it right now, i am allowed to safeword.

    if i’m not sure how to articulate my reasoning, or there isn’t really a solid reason that i want our session to stop, i am still allowed to safeword there is literally no instance in which i am not allowed to use the safeword we have agreed upon for my comfort and safety.

    i will not apologize. i will not be made to feel bad. this is why there is a safeword to begin with and if creeps like dreamiedaddy wanna tell you otherwise they should be avoided at all costs bc they are not safe for you they do not have your best interests in mind they are abusers who have no business taking part in power-exchange relationship dynamics. period.


    A safe word is supposed to be your ultimate way to get out of any situation with your partner: whether you’re uncomfortable, experiencing bad pain, feeling scared, or any other of a thousand reasons that make you feel the need and desire to stop the scene.

    If someone tells you that you don’t need a safe word, that your safe word will be ignored for a night, or that you can only use your safe word in certain situations, you need to avoid that person at all costs.

    If someone you’ve played with or your long-term partner has ignored your safe word at any point, you need to seriously reconsider your relationship with said person, because they cannot and should not be trusted.

    You’re always allowed to use your safe word. You should never be made to feel guilty for using it. Proper use of safe words demonstrate trust, love, respect, and safety. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


    So much this. A spanking you don’t safeword out of is a scene. A spanking where your safeword is ignored is assault and battery. Tops–you have one job, and that’s respect the safeword.


    I’d argue that, as a top, my responsibilities extend further than just respecting the safeword. Respecting the safeword, to me, is like making sure I’m on the correct side of the road while driving. There are thing I, if I want be a good, safe driver, need to do, but if I don’t do that, or try to tell people I’m so attuned to the road and all of the other drivers that I don’t need to obey that particular traffic law, I’m a reckless fucking asshole who should not be in the driver’s seat.


    Oh, I definitely think there’s a lot more that goes into being a good Dominant than just that…but when you boil it down to its essentials, the only absolute requirement for a top is that they respect the boundaries of the scene. If they don’t do that, they are not a Dominant, they’re just a crazy violent rapist.

    The top is in complete control within the boundaries of the scene…but the bottom is in complete control of what comprises the scene. Tops must never forget that, and I am incredibly lucky that my Goddess never does. (She actually installed a post-hypnotic compulsion to use my safewords, all three of them, whenever I feel them. Which is why I whimper “green” so often in play.)