The Sissy Rulebook
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2018-05-28 10:55:40

    In How to be a Good Girl part 1, you said that Sissy's should treat each other equal. Does that apply Sissy's that feel like they are in the presence of a prettier or more advanced sissy? What if the sissy has a larger clitty?

    Just because a sissy is prettier or because they have more fully embraced their identity doesn’t make them above other sissies. If they have fully embraced their sissy identity then they no they are no better then closeted sissies or sissies that aren’t at their level. In terms of clitty size, of course that doesn’t matter. A clitty is a clitty. Once a sissy accepts that they do not have a cock and instead a clitty, that’s all it is. It’s actual size does not matter.