Even though you maxed out all your credit cards to give them anything they wanted

    Even though there was never any actual sex, or nudes or pics of them in any of the lingerie you'd buy them

    Even though they never called you 'Daddy', not once, despite how much they knew you craved that status

    You'll remember the sound of their thigh booted heels clicking on the marble mall floor beside you and how it made you feel like a God to have such a vision on your arm. You'll remember that honeyed voice, that scent, and those rare little kisses on your cheek after you'd dropped a couple grand on some bag or trinket or other.

    To you, Sammi was the best 3 months of your life.

    To @sissysamantha94, you were just funding for Spring/Summer 23.


    Oh sissy hehe, nyaw. That's actually quite cute.

    Your hair? Transplanted. Your lips? Plumped. Your makeup? Tattooed.

    There's no going back now. You signed the contract. You are property, sissy. There is no 'changing your mind'. It simply isn't your mind to change anymore.

    Ssshhhhh shh shh. You're asking the wrong questions. 'What have you done to me', 'where am I', 'how was I supposed to know what I was agreeing to'... those are boring questions. You should strive to be anything but that.

    The questions you ought to be asking are: How may I serve you, Sir? Please may I suck your cock, Master? Could Mia, Bella and I play together for your entertainment, Daddy?

    This is your life now.

    You are a collared and owned permanently altered femboy fuckdoll. Mine to change as I please.

    The only agency you have at this point, is in what use you serve. Favourites get treated like beautiful bimboi trophy dolls, Those out of favour, well... I'm sure your new sissyters will warn you off ever becoming that.

    Am I understood, @sissysamantha94 ?


    Yes Daddy, may I please serve your cock now Daddy?