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    A proper prostate Milking ( while in Chastity )

    1. Insert Large Butt Plug to apply pressure on the prostate.

    2. With subject laying on their back and legs spread open place Vibrator behind subjects penis.

    3. Apply pressure with Vibrator rolling from penis to anus in a circular motion.

    4. The subject will begin to feel their orgasm build just as if you were edging them.

    5. In about 5 - 6 minutes the subject’s cum will begin to Ooze out of his chastity cage. Keep rolling until cum stops oozing. With all the cum drained out, the subject will still be extremely horny and sensitive. Even though the subject has been completely drained of cum they will still feel as if they are on the edge of an orgasm that will never come.

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    I’m going to have to try this!


    For the life of me I cannot figure out what the fuck is wrong with women.  While there are exceptions, the general consensus is that they HATE sucking cock and don’t want cum in their mouth.  There are plenty of gay men who will gladly step up and suck your boyfriend’s cock and swallow every drop they have to offer.  Gay men appreciate cock, cum and men much more than women!


    I definitely enjoy sucking cock more than my wife does! 😂