I need a man who can decorate and mix my brew

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2019-06-21 04:55:15

    Let’s find a new home?

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    We all need your help!

  • Comment on this post if you know a ‘tumblr like platform’ we can all move our booty’s over to!
  • I understand tumblr and it’s actions, but I do not wish for all these long lasting great communities to just disappear! I want all of your beautiful souls to stick together. Hopefully we can make a new home, on a new platform that can do similar to what tumblr can do ❤️

    So reblog this post right now,

  • To get it in front of more faces, the more faces who see this post, the more likely someone will find a new home for us to migrate our amazing communities over too.
  • Thank you everyone! Our communities depend on you ❤️