it just hit me that the show's called the sopranos because they're all sopping wet


    with how famous the sopranos is i'm surprised nobody ever told me that the entire show takes place at the bottom of the ocean in what used to be New Jersey before the second great flood. like obviously the characters don't bring it up much since it's the status quo but you'd still think more people would talk about how the setting is used to emphasize the moments of stark realism


    in the discourse landscape of gay shipping I think a crucial element is the underdog effect. official approval of your ship from showrunners (ie ship going canon) compromises your marginal status as a fandom shipper on tumblr, and in the long run produces a sore winner subjectivity where you must constantly insist that your ship is still good and subversive. destiel is a good edge case as it went canon in the most homophobic way possible, thus maintaining something of an underdog status despite it being explicitly addressed in the text of supernatural, while still ultimately losing its fandom dominance as evidenced by it constantly losing in shipping polls. ofmd shippers in this respect occupy a conflict of class interests in which their gay canonicity confers a level of comfort and stability that gay shippers who have to work in the posting mines doing web weaves will never experience. therefore, we can consider ofmd shippers to be the petit bourgeoisie of the fandom ecosystem, caught between the big bourgeoisie (tv writers) and the proletariat (stuckys), predictably choosing to engage in downwards class conflict to maintain their narrowly privileged status


    #i don't think this is fully accurate but i don't really care bc i love reading this and yeah the vibes check out #where does thai drama fandom in this marxist metaphor #are they petit bourgeoisie as well‚ rich from a bountiful harvest of 50 queer romance shows each year? #or are they proletariat bc subtitled tv is consistently overshadoweded by english language tv? #is it worth mentioning that the unfair double standard for ''good queer rep'' is even more excessively punitive for non-western media #bc that ''good rep'' standard is based on western queer culture and politics? #it's like... idk Schrodinger's proletariat #western media fans attempt downward class conflict on the basis of BL = fetishy = bad #while thai bl fans have been watching gay and trans directors transform literal kpop fanfic into bisexual anti fascist romance dramas #and i'm not saying anti fascist as a buzz word. it's ''what if we met while burning down rich ppls mansions... and we were both men 😳'' #anyway i'm just saying words recreationally. i think everyone should just watch whatever and ship whatever makes their brain go brrr #it's just on my mind bc i just finished laws of attraction last night #and there's a scene where the evil corrupt politician is like ''the government won't keep me locked up bc i can just pay my way out'' #and then the lawyer protagonist arranges for him to get jumped and beaten to death in jail bc the justice system is inherently broken #AND THE LITERAL NEXT SCENE is the lawyer and his husband-to-be doing gay wedding planning #and talking about the legal importance of marriage equality #i fuckin lost it. i was dying (via @rythyme)

    mutual 1: i’m soooo sleepy i’m such a #tiredgirl

    mutual 2: heads up i found black mold in my bedroom yesterday so posting frequency may decrease

    mutual 3: who up for the witching hour

    mutual 4: wyd in this situation 🤣🤣 [photo of actively burning building, reverse image search: no results]

    mutual 5: the moment you die will feel exactly the same as this one

    mutual 6: i need to quit my job


    mutual 8: should i eat pork chops for dinner yes/no

    mutual 9: just drove 150 miles for something i bought on facebook marketplace

    mutual 10: day 177 since he ghosted me

    mutual 11: buy my new album for pay what you want on bandcamp

    mutual 12: just got my risperadone refilled 👍🏻

    mutual 13: i need to look like [attractive male celebrity] i wonder if i could steal his skin

    mutual 14: nothing matters in the world i hope i fall off a building tomorrow

    mutual 15: me and who [saw bathroom screenshot]


    I think what I'm struggling with is the judgment that art made within constraints or boundaries is somehow less honest or less impactful or of lesser quality and somehow less worthy. The entire BL genre exists within the constraints of cultural attitudes, economic realities and in some cases literal governmental restrictions proscribing what can and cannot be portrayed and represented. And it gets bigger and better every fucking day, not in spite of that but because of it. Because creativity also thrives when it navigates within boundaries, not only when it has none. Folks assume colouring within the lines is a trap somehow, but the colours you choose and how you juxtapose them within the lines IS ALSO ART, it's also a truth. It's fine to not enjoy that style of art, but to call it lesser just don't sit right with me.


    One addition: another trap I see a lot of folks fall into is the assumption that in another (= their own or a more familiar) cultural context, there'd be no such constraints or boundaries. That's not the case. It'd be subjected to a different set of constraints and boundaries. You're just so used to those being in place that you don't notice them anymore.

    i keep thinking about how we should be able to break jensen ackles psychologically like we did with neil but the simple mind of a texan soap opera actor is just so much more impermeable than the psyche of an english author. in a way it’s admirable that he’s held up under one of modern society’s more sophisticated forms of torture (having to meet fans of supernatural at supernatural conventions) for so long