Last update
2020-12-06 14:03:16

    Hey yall just thought id give you an update on what Im doing lately!! the Faye Shapeshifter movie is maybe 95% complete? only a few scenes to animate plus sounds and itll be done and freely released everywhere!! So expect that in the next week or 2!

    As for my next project, it will be an original hentai pilot by me and my friend Meru! it will star her characters as well as some of my own. I expect this to be a very ambitious high production project (bigger than anything ive ever made) and i expect it to take most of next year to create!! (So i guess it goes without saying I can no longer do commissions or other models not pertaining to this, sorry!) Ill definitely be going more in depth about it when this are more fleshed out, but here is one of the main characters from the script! Meru the Succubus! 


    I don't want to rush you because you are doing a public service by making these models but at the same time I'm chomping at the bit to get my hands on your Gwen from Spider-Verse model that you previewed on Twitter. Are you still planning on a public release for that model? Thanks for all the good work!

    For a bunch of dumb reasons I wont bother getting into I had to put that model on hold. It may be a good bit in the future if i ever get back to that model so im very sorry but i am making plenty of other things right now!!