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    slowly disintegrating friendships are like. i miss you. i love you. i wish so many good things for you. i wish for all the love u can get. i wish i was eating chaat with u rn. i hope we never meet again.


    Yes I would do anything for you. No I can’t hold eye contact with you. I wish you goodness but I can’t be around to see it. I want you to miss me like I miss you. I love how you know me. I hate how you know me. I wonder if we’re thinking about each other at the same time. When did we become a thing of the past. Why are all of our memories from so long ago, why is our history the only thing we have in common. Your happiness heals. Your happiness hurts. I love you. I resent you.


    (photos by Bill Watterson and an octopus)


    I think this is the best scientist photograph I have ever seen.


    But people didn’t believe him on reddit. So Watterson made the photo sequence into a gif.


    Here’s the gif for anyone curious.


    I had to go through the notes to find the gif. Not because I didn’t believe him but because I wanted to see it.

    Here’s the full version of my latest « bedroom »  illustration The theme this time revolves around the manga/anime/toys and games I enjoyed when I was growing up. If you grew up in the 90s and 00s, I’m sure you’ll recognise a lot of references ! How many can you spot ?  Some are pretty hard !

    I’m really happy I managed to finish something more ambitious. I thought I’d never find the juice (or time) for a detailed picture again !

    This illustration is available in my Inprnt shop and to celebrate me finally finishing a new piece, you can get 15% off everything if you use the coupon UU03UO ! Valid till the 18th of July !


    Um… how the fuck is there a lure on an unreachable pokestop? Like, I’m watching this thing, and there are no boats near it. Why is there a stop even out there?


    I mean, I have a kayak at home. I could go get it and paddle out there just to see what the deal is. Is it worth it?




    I am literally sitting here in a kayak catching pokemon, and I still can’t figure out how someone got a lure on this pokestop. It’s just me out here, no other boats, like what the hell. People on the shore are staring at me. I can feel them judging me for actually paddling out to this pokestop. GOTTA CATCH EM ALL.


    When I got back to the shore, a guy asked me if he could borrow my kayak to get the pokestop, and now I’m charging people $10 a pop to use it.


    Pokemon is amazing this is like those moments when you would play the games and you gotta use “Surf” to see what item’s on the sandbar across the way


    My first instinct was to dismiss this as a fabrication but then i remembered that summer 2016 was just like that


    I miss summer 2016. It felt like an innocent fun time.


    there’s a huge overlap between adhd & anxiety disorders, and we should talk about that more


    actually I’m gonna go off

    in my experience, adhd & anxiety feed on each other. it’s a loop

  • adhd impairs executive function
  • executive dysfunction overwhelms you -> you are constantly anxious about the stuff you can’t get done
  • anxiety grows -> you become more overwhelmed & tired
  • exhaustion makes the adhd symptoms even worse
  • the cycle continues
  • adhd -> dysfunction -> anxiety -> exhaustion -> repeat

    a child experiencing this is caught in a constant circle of negative reinforcement. they are behind, so they fall further behind. development gaps widen over time as the brain is caught in a constant feedback loop of exhaustion and terror.


    Here’s to anyone who ever made themself sicker by trying to over-perform so as not to appear sick.


    Which causes long-term trauma, btw, and is the reason that “burnout” is so common in people with mental health issues. Being pushed to the breaking point causes long-term damage. If you’re wondering why you cant force yourself to do things you could before–that may be why. Because that process caused so much damage that your brain hit the emergency brakes in preparation for the crash. You need time to heal.


    I am obsessed with this.

    So because parkour is such a ridiculously male dominated sport, the "correct technique" for a lot of these movements that you're taught when you become an instructor plays to a male body's strengths: upper body strength, higher center of gravity, etc.

    She demolishes this course by moving in ways that make sense for her body. She doesn't muscle her way up to her over a wall, she just throws a leg up over the wall. She doesn't use upper body strength to do the salmon ladder, she uses her hips!!! And it's fucking incredible.

    So many girls and young women walk away from parkour because every movement caters to the strengths of men, because doing what makes sense for their bodies is seen as "bad technique" to be trained away.

    If pre-transition me had seen this I would have cried tears of joy.


    Yes. Although I’m determined to work on my upper body strenght this year, this is definitively, like a lot of AFAB people, not my strong point. And it’s sometimes frustrating when you do martial arts and the topic is not always discussed or taken into consideration. I still have a hard time doing push ups and cushion my falls with my arms.

    But my legs kicks? You don’t want them.