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    I read an Anglo-Norman lai of Celtic origin about a werewolf when I was at university.

    The King invites him into his court… then into his bed… then kisses him ‘’over 100 times’’. And that’s literally the end of the story.


    People have wanted to fuck werewolves for longer than we ever realized

    Gentle reminder that the brain gets used to intense stimuli over time and that it tends to seek out things that make you feel bad again once you’re in a better place

    So if you’re suffering from trauma, abuse or depression then don’t beat yourself up about wanting to feel bad again and seeking out triggers or abuse. It’s not because you deserve any of that, it’s because your brain was exposed to bad things for so long that it can’t make sense of how you’re doing now.

    We’ve all been there. It’s going to be okay. You can do this.


    imo the best way to interpret those “real people don’t do x” writing advice posts is “most people don’t do x, so if a character does x, it should be a distinguishing trait.” human behavior is infinitely varied; for any x, there are real people who do x. we can’t make absolute statements. we can, however, make probabilistic ones.

    for example, most people don’t address each other by name in the middle of a casual conversation. if all your characters do that, your dialogue will sound stilted and unnatural. but if just one character does that, then it tells us something about that character.

    the attitude that “you shouldn’t destroy his life over one mistake” is still incredibly common, whether the mistake in question is an inappropriate comment in a professional context or an unsolicited dick pic or full on sexual assault, but it’s an attitude that rests on some really weird assumptions if you think about it: if the action is so heinous that merely to make it public would destroy him, why on earth did he do it? and if the mistake is so minor that he should suffer no consequences for it, why would making it public do him any harm?

    it’s like someone keeps sneaking into your house to take a shit in your fridge, and everyone agrees it’s wrong but insists that it would be even more wrong to tell him to knock it off.

    who bears the cost, that’s the question.



    Luke 2:52

    He’s larger than a baby


    By the description of him driving the moneylenders from the temple, we can also tell that he fit inside the temple, which gives us an upper bound as well as a lower bound on his size.


    It’s been said that Jesus Christ was larger than a baby but smaller than a temple


    Guys. Guys. Calculating tips. Just. Look at your bill. And move the decimal point one step left. That’s ten percent. Double that number. Now it’s twenty percent.

    $100.00 bill? $10.000. Ten dollars. Double it. Twenty dollars. That’s a 20% tip.

    $67.50? Now it’s $6.750. $6.75? Might as well be $7. Double it. Roughly $14. You’re not going to miss the change.

    Please. I failed math three times