Samaa Samir (Kakashi)
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2023-03-22 07:18:10

    hi! i really love ur kakashi analysis! what do you think his infinite tsukuyomi would have been? ive seen a few ideas tossed around, mostly involving rin and obito and minato and a lack of kakashi, but id love to hear ur thoughts on it!

    Hi there, thank you for the ask and the complement

    Kakashi's dream is really simple. World peace and all the ppl he loves alive and happy. So it wouldn't just be about Obito, Rin and Minato, it would also be about a living respected appreciated and loved Sakumo who everyone still sees as the great hero he is, Minato would be the Hokage who finally brought peace to the Ninja world and he would be training Obito to be his successor so the Uchiha massacre would never happen either which means Sasuke and Itachi would be both happy as well which means neither Sasuke nor Itachi would ever become rouge ninja, Naruto would grow up with both of his parents and would have a happy childhood. And as much as I don't really ship Obirin but judging by how the first thing that came up to Kakashi's mind when Rin confessed her love to him was telling her that he didn't deserve her love and that Obito loved her more than the world so I think in Kakashi's Tsukuyomi dream, Rin might get over her feelings for Kakashi and would be in a relationship with Obito because Kakashi believed that Obito can make Rin happy and that he's the one who actually deserved her love not him and ofc he also knew that Obito loved her so in his mind them being together would mean that they both would be happy. And I think his dream would also have a happy Tenzo who had a better childhood and has never grown up in ROOT manipulated by Danzo as a result of Minato succeeding in achieving the peaceful world he dreamed of without the corruption of the likes of Danzo and Orochimaru. And it would also have Gai who never lost his dad either and Kakashi would be friends with him much much earlier too because his friendship with Gai is one of the things that Kakashi really appreciates so in his dream he would realize a lot earlier that Gai would be such a great friend. He would still be the sensei of team 7 because he really really loves those kids and I don't think he would ever give them up in his dream and it would make sense too because Obito would be busy being Minato's successor, Rin would be a great medic Ninja so that leaves him to his kids, the only difference is that they wouldn't be traumatized, trying to kill each other or leave the village or anything like that. Also, I think it would also have Asuma alive, raising his child with Kurenai.