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    20 Ways to Abuse a Faggot with Your Spit

    Faggots and pigs worship everything a Man’s body makes — including His spit. Fortunately, a Man’s mouth has an endless supply of saliva in it. The result is an infinite amount of enjoyment for Men who are enterprising enough to use their spit not only for chewing up food at the kitchen table, but also for chewing up faggots in the bedroom. Need some ideas? Here are 20 ways Men can use Their Alpha spit to abuse a faggot:

    • Spit-fuck Your faggot’s pussy. After all, spit is Mother Nature’s lube.
    • Spit directly into Your faggot’s mouth. A faggot’s face-cunt makes for the perfect spittoon. Spitting in his mouth can also be useful for extra lubrication if his mouth is dry, because nobody likes fucking a dry throat.
    • Use Your spit and Your faggot’s face for target practice. Have Your faggot kneel in the corner with his mouth open. Step away from the faggot and spit at him from a distance. Aim for his open mouth. If it’s too easy to get your spit in the hole, take a step back to challenge yourself. Have buddies over? Turn this into a game: You score five points for a direct hit in the mouth, three points for the eyes and one point for anywhere on the face. First Man to 50 points gets to use the faggot first.
    • Spit in Your faggot’s drink — multiple times if You feel like it — then watch him guzzle his spit-spiked beverage. Even better: do it in public, at a restaurant or bar. Better still: Do it with loogies, which will float in the drink like snotty ice cubes.
    • Spit — regular spit or a loogie — on the floor of a public place when You’re out with Your faggot. Order him to get on the ground and lick it up, no matter who’s around to see him do it.
    • Spit on the floor and tell Your faggot to put his tongue on it. No licking it up; just touching it with his tongue. Make him stay like this for several minutes — or perhaps even longer — until You give him permission to lick it up. It’s a good exercise in restraint and obedience.
    • When Your faggot comes home from work, leave a trail of spit on the floor leading to the bedroom, where You will be waiting to fuck the living daylights out of him. It’s like leaving a romantic trail of rose petals — but for faggots.
    • Spit Your used toothpaste into Your faggot’s mouth as the only thing he’s allowed to use to brush his teeth.
    • Spit on Your faggot’s face and/or in his hair. Make him leave it there to dry and forbid him from washing his face. He has to wear Your spit on his skin all day — to work, the grocery store, etc.
    • When out to lunch with Your faggot, spit a loogie onto his burger or sandwich; Your spit is the only condiment a faggot needs/deserves.
    • Spit some spit and a few loogies into a condiment cup so Your faggot can dip his french fries in it. Only Men get ketchup for Their fries.
    • If Your faggot’s been a good boy, give Him a facial massage — and use Your spit as the massage oil. Your spit will get deep into the pig’s pores, and the scent of it will linger on his face for hours after.
    • Sit comfortably with Your faggot at Your feet and see how far across the room You can spit. Make the faggot crawl as fast as it can to lick it up and get back to You before You do the next one. For added fun, blindfold the faggot and make him crawl with his nose on the floor until he finds it.
    • Messy faggot? Make him wash his hands or face with Your spit. Soap and water is for Men.
    • Men in public restrooms often spit in the urinal as They’re pissing in it. Do the same with Your faggot — piss in its open mouth, and spit in it as You’re pissing. Because spit and piss are the perfect complements.
    • Keep a small water bottle with You throughout Your week. Spit in it periodically throughout the day, every day for the week. You’ll be surprised at how much spit You’re able to accumulate. At the end of the week, make Your faggot drink the spit-beverage from a cup, jack off with it while You watch, or use it as lube while dildo-fucking himself.
    • Put Your faggot out on the street and then go upstairs — the higher the better — and spit large drools of spit out the window. The faggot must catch it with his mouth. If he misses, the huge splat on his forehead will be entertaining anyway.
    • Choose one day a week where the only thing Your faggot eats is chewed and spat from Your mouth onto the floor.
    • Spit a few loogies into Your faggot’s underwear and make him wear them; sitting in Your spit and snot will remind him of his place serving You. At the end of the day, instruct him to remove the underwear and suck on the dried loogie stains to prove his obedience to You.
    • If Your faggot fancies himself a foodie, create Your own “foam” for the top of his meals by getting a good mouthful and swishing it around Your mouth to create that extra foamy effect. Make sure everything is covered.

    Special thanks to @submissive4dominant for contributing several ideas to this list; i appreciate it, faggot!


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    1.  As soon as you wake up, jack your cock until it is rock hard and dripping precum.  Take a pic and post it online.  Do not cum.

    2.  At lunch, go into the restaurant bathroom.  Remove your underwear.  Throw them away.  Remain commando for the rest of the day.

    3.  In the afternoon, go to the bathroom.  Stand at the urinal and stroke your cock until it is rock hard and dripping.  Then put it away.  Do not cum.  Go back to your desk.

    4.  When you get home from work, immediately strip.  Remain completely naked until you leave your home for work in the morning.

    5.  Spend an hour watching porn in the evening.  Remain hard and edge yourself for the entire hour.  Don’t cum.

    6.  Before you go to bed, kneel naked in the middle of the floor and recite your faggot mantra:

    i am a faggot.

    i am inferior.

    Use me.  Fuck me.  Piss on me.  Spit on me.  Expose me.  Whore me out.

    i am a faggot.

    Repeat your mantra over and over while jacking your cock.  You are allowed to shoot your load, but you WILL lick up all your cum and swallow. Then go to bed.


    Fags should all do this tomorrow


    Phone A Fag!

    I’ve spoken to several fags who publish their contact details. They seem quite sad that very few people actually call them or send them messages.

    So, next time you see a fag exposed with it’s phone number, email, whatsapp, kik, Skype, snapchat, etc - Call them - message them - text them - email them. But don’t just do it once - contact them every time you have a spare moment. Tell them what you think of them. Tell them what you would like to do with them. Tell them what you want to see them do. Humiliate them!

    Go on - phone a fag today and make it happy!


    all guys can do it to my faggot salve his name kev mountan he only anwser texts or voicemails his fag cell is 208 541 2558


    or you can email the fag to at to tell it what you think of it


    Master Nick encourages other young Superior men to call or text “it” to yell at “it”, degrade “it”, humiliate “it” and be told what real men think about stupid little faggots. Especially his…

    This is one of the exact reasons he wants “it” fully exposed, for the rest of “its” life, to be treated and used the way “it” was born to be by true alpha males!

    “Its” personal cell is: 928)369-8015


    Please phone me and get in touch.

    Phone- 07734923886

    Kik- Faggotboy27

    Snapchat- Liam27.2



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    kik message me and I will give you number Sirs



    Found this list on tumblr and removed some and added some suggestion for an alpha on how to abuse a slave.

    • Sit back and make him suck your dick, nice and slow.
    • Train him to deepthroat your cock.
    • Fuck his face, balls-deep, like it’s a pussy.
    • Cock slap him.
    • Make him lick your sweaty balls.
    • Make him service you in a public place (e.g., a restroom, a park, your car).
    • Spit on him.
    • Make him clean your sweaty ass after you work out.
    • Make him wear a puppy tail in his ass.
    • Piss on him.
    • Piss down his throat.
    • Piss in his ass.
    • Make him drink your piss from a glass.
    • Piss on a pair of underwear, or a jock strap, then wring it out over his face.
    • Finger his hole.
    • Fuck his ass.
    • Spank him.
    • Paddle him or whip him.
    • Fuck him with a dildo.
    • Tie him up and use his holes.
    • Smack or slap his face.
    • Call him names.
    • Tag team him with a buddy.
    • Gangbang him with a group of friends or strangers.
    • Whore him out to friends or strangers.
    • Make him sniff and lick your piss- and/or cum-stained underwear.
    • Gag him with your dirty underwear, jockstrap or cum rag when you’re fucking him.
    • Cum on his face.
    • Cum on his face and make him wear the load out in public.
    • Cum on his ass.
    • Cum directly down his throat.
    • Cum in your hand, and make him eat it from your hand like a dog.
    • Organize a bukkake and cover his face with multiple cum loads.
    • Make him eat your cum off your buddy’s cock.
    • Cum on the floor or a table and make him lick it up.
    • Make him drink your load(s) from a shot glass.
    • Cum on food and make him eat it.
    • Double-penetrate him with another Top or with a dildo.
    • Flick or twist his nipples.
    • Write names (e.g., faggot, bitch, pig, slut), pictures (e.g., a cock and balls, a pig face, a toilet) or phrases (e.g., insert cock here, with an arrow pointing to its holes) on his body.
    • Make him wear a butt plug out in public (e.g., to the bar, to the gym, to the grocery store).
    • Piss on his underwear then make him wear them home.
    • Tie him to your toilet when you have guys over, and tell them to use him instead of the toilet.
    • Don’t let him cum.
    • Make him ask your permission to jerk off or cum.
    • Make him eat his own cum.
    • Make him jerk off or finger himself while you and/or your friends watch.
    • Make him watch while you fuck another faggot.
    • Position him beneath you while you’re fucking another faggot and make him lick your cock as it goes in and out of the faggot’s hole.
    • Make him eat your ass while you’re fucking another faggot.
    • Make him clean your cock off after you fuck him.
    • Make him clean your cock off after you fuck another faggot.
    • Make him eat your load out of another faggot’s ass.
    • Take photos and/or videos of him servicing your cock.
    • Blindfold him when you use him.
    • Fist his hole.
    • Cum in his ass.
    • Make him fuck another faggot, or get fucked by another faggot, while you watch.
    • Make him and another faggot fuck themselves on a double-ended dildo while you watch.
    • Make him lick your feet.
    • Use him as a footrest.
    • Make him give you a massage or footrub.
    • Take him to a bar; when his beer’s empty, refill the glass or bottle with your piss and make him drink it in public.
    • Make him pee at the urinal (e.g., at the movies, at the gym, at the bar) with his pants around his ankles so everyone knows he’s a faggot.
    • Shave his body.
    • Make him wear a puppy tail in his ass.
    • Save your piss in a bucket, and make him bathe with it.
    • Keep him in chastity.
    • Decide what he wears.
    • Make him wear a collar and leash.
    • Keep him in a cage.
    • Make him do domestic chores for you (e.g., laundry, cleaning, shopping).
    • Make him sniff poppers, then use him.
    • Make him wear a ball gag.
    • Make him crawl in your presence, like a dog.
    • Make him eat his meals out of a dog dish.
    • Make him service anonymous cock at a gloryhole.
    • Engage him in forced workouts.
    • Make him beg for your cock.
    • Feed him your pre-cum.
    • Make him call you “Master” or “Sir.”
    • Make him wear a hood while you use him so that the only sensation he has is the feeling of your cock in his hole.
    • Make him lick you head to toe
    • Make him drink a bottle of your piss left somewhere in a public place and order him to tape it!
    • Go in to a club’s bathroomat the same time and order him to leave his half full glass of his cocktail in the toilet before you and add to the cocktail your piss, leave him the glass somewhere and order him to drink it in front of you.
    • Go to a public bathroom together and while standing in front of urinals make him put your head down to your urinal and drink your piss.
    • Make a video you raping him, cuming in his ass and forcing him to drink your piss and post it on tumblr claiming ownership of him.
    • Make him wear a puppy tail and take him for a walk outside.
    • Make him wear women’s lingery and fuck him like a whore.
    • Mummify him and fuck him in his mouth and ass.
    • Tie him up with chains or rope and let him sleep on the floor next to your bed.
    • Choke him while you fuck him in missionary position.
    • Pull his hair while you fuck him in doggy position.
    • Make him wear a collar showing your ownership in public.
    • Make him come to your work place and service you in anyway you need.
    • Make him wear a cock cage.
    • Make him wear ball weights.
    • Make him give you his social profile passwords to monitor his communication.
    • Make him raport sexual contacts with other guys.
    • Make him write an online diary of all sexual contacts and sub duties.

    Great ideas!