I am a submissive sissy girl who loves bondage. Love to be tied, and to tie other girls but I haven't had any girls to tie lately. I'm Bi curious when tied up! and would probably suck a cd shemale cock to get free. she has locked me in chastity and I love/hate it. I wish I had one I could wear 24/7 since I have a PA piercing it would be inescapable! I have a few metal ones we rotate to keep irritation to a minimum. My wife is my Mistress, and is becoming a real Mistress. Some pictures were saved on my computer and don't show as reblog.. We are looking for other couples like us to play and explore with. #slavenikkibound

Last update
2020-06-28 10:54:05

    Mistress locked on hobble chains at 6a with her fingerprint locks. She will be back home at 4p. Also took the key to my heavy metal collar. She locked a 2" ballgag on with a 3hr timer lock. After it times out I can eat but then have to lock it back on for 3 more hours and send a picture. Feeling totally submissive and dominated right now. My clit is hard in my 2" metal cage